Unleash the beast

January 14th, 2010

Hello and Welcome to another beautiful episode of the Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be featured in People Magazine’s “25 most sexiest fonts”. Comic Sands was on the list alongside Century Gothic, with Verdana just sneaking in, but the number one sexiest font was voted to be: Any font that displays┬áThe Thursday Blog.

I am being extremely organised this week and writing this early. I don’t normally find myself able to write in advance as the ideas generally come to me when they are ready – which ensures that the episodes are fresh but also keeps me slightly nervous. Many a time I thought it was all over for this world famous Blog only to have the new idea come right at the last moments. So now I just leave it till it happens, usually the night before it is due. This is not a strategy that can be used in any other area in life. I state that because I don’t want to be responsible for millions of students leaving their major essays to the night before to ‘keep it fresh”.

The only time I can write in advance is when there are important events coming up, so my mind lets me in on its next idea in advance. That is the case this week because as of Wednesday I am off to camp. We are running a camp for kids aged 10-12 years old from Wednesday to Friday. More than one turning point in my life happened to me when I was at a camp and I would like to share one of them in today’s episode called:

“Unleash the beast”

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCamps are great. It gives the young males a chance to get back to nature and run wild, and it give young females a chance to get back to nature and run away from the wild…………… young males chasing them. Camps played a big part in my life as it was a place where I discovered more of myself (and I am not talking about my stomach with all that crazy camp food.) Shall I explain futher? Seeing I am only 343 words in I think I shall.

I was an extremely shy child. Now if any of you have met me, seen me perform, or had me cook a roast turkey for you, you would know that I am not shy. In fact I can get away with wearing absolutly what ever I want no matter how bad it clashes because I have the confidence to support it. This works out well because I have absolutely no fashion sense. This was not always the case and when I was younger I was constantly worried about what others thought. Then I went to camp and it got better. The End

What, only 435 words in? Ok, here is how it really happend.

I got asked to go to a wonderful place called Camp Clayton. I went to the 5 day camp and for once in my life I wasn’t surrounded with the same people that had done an awful job of being my peers. I had a chance to try and be myself and it was all tested when I met someone new. They introduced themselves and then asked for my name and for the first time in my life I referred to myself not as Daniel but as Dan. This sacrifice of 3 letters was incredibly significant to me, as I was no longer Daniel the boring, insecure, shy, scrawny pale white kid but Dan the interesting, confident, fun, scrawny pale white kid.

Unfortunately camp ended and I went back to school and my last 3 letters followed me. I was a Daniel and I was treated like a Daniel. For the next 2 years I would go back to camp in the holidays for a week as Dan and return to school as Daniel. At camp I started leading the younger age groups and everyone started to know who I was and wanted to hang out with me. At school everyone already knew who I was but they wanted to hang me. (A side note: nobody wanted to hang me but it worked really well with the contrast to hang out with me that I just put it in). I didn’t think I could get the two worlds to collide until I hit year 11.

I moved to a public school that only had senior years 11 and 12 students and it had a lot of them. I went to my first class that was drama. They got us to sit in a circle and go around the room and say who we were. We got to me, and I was slighty shaking with the decision faced before me. Would I be Dan and trust myself forward, or be Daniel and slip into the shadow. When the teacher said “and you are?” I smiled and said “I am the Sexy Beast”.

I wasn’t confident and it still took me years to develop it and I still am, but it was at that point I chose to give it a try anyway. Those times at that school were amazing and it were pivotal to where I am today. I was known as the Sexy Beast for years, not because people called me that, but because I called myself that. I even got my student ID to read: BEAST, Sexy.

The question is what do you want to be because you have a world of choices. Now maybe it’s time to “Unleash the Beast”.

Have Fun


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