You have got to be kidding me

January 7th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another impulsive episode of The Thursday Blog – the only blog in history to be used on a reality game show as a contestants’ luxury item. Mark Efford was the contestant’s name and he almost won the game show until he was disqualified when he was caught using the laptop and internet connection that was given to him, to access the beloved Blog to Google the answers to all the quiz challenges. The producers were not that upset by his actions but when he was also found to be streaming episodes of rival TV show “Survivor” he was immediately evicted.

Reality TV shows are something that I will never quite understand. Why do I enjoy watching how someone’s day, whom I have never met, was; when I am sitting to the most beautiful woman on the planet (My Princess) and I haven’t asked how her day was??!!

In fact there are a number of things in this fun and fantastic world that when I see them I think to myself:

“You have got to be kidding me”

Speaking of the reality TV show “Survivor”, it is quite obvious that it was a very successful show in its heyday many years ago, and now it is still just able to turn a profit so they can run it into the ground (until it is “Survivor – Retirement Village” so that by then Jeff can still host it). After seeing the success of the mighty USA series and the once-off hit of the Australian Survivor (not to be confused with the American Survivor that ran in Australia), a production company in Australia decided to make there own rip-off series. It was the same premise: 16 contestants, 40 days stuck on an island, going insane, and pushing the limits of the human body to the possible detriment of their health. It was actually a good show that I got into because it was as hard as Survivor so therefore fairly interesting, but it had one major flaw – the grand prize for the person who endured the torture for 40 days and was not voted off by there peers was…….. $50k.

You have got to be kidding me.

Survivor USA was $1,000,000, Australian Survivor was $500,000AUD and this was only $50k. The contestants almost died out there, just so that all they could possible strive for was an average years wage. The cost of going on the show would have been 6 weeks off work, possibly unpaid, for a one in 16 chance to win 52 weeks pay. There wouldn’t be a gambler in Vegas that would bet on those odds. The show lasted one series and then went down the drain.

Speaking of the drain I was in the toilet a week back and I saw a man who works in the fish shop washing his hand after using the facilities. I also looked why he wasn’t washing his other hand, and it was because on it he had his glove that he uses to pick up the fish to keep it hygienic.

You have got to be kidding me.

Here is a guy that on his first day at work he was told he need to always were a
glove to handle the fish. He must of thought ‘I will never remember to keep putting it on, I will just never take it off”. What I loved best is that in a busy shopping centre there would have been 50 people see him walking with his glove on and walking into the toilets. Those people and I will stop giving our money to that fish shop.

Speaking of money I went to buy some lunch a week back. Avoiding the fish shop I went into the chicken shop. I bought some chicken wings and noticed they had some new chicken rissoles (kind of like a chicken ball). I asked for one of them as well to which the lady said “you can get 3 of them for $2”. Interesting offer, I thought.

I don’t really want three but it is say over a dollar for one, and if I can get 2 more cheap I might do it. I asked “how much for one” to which she answered “60 cents.”

You have got to be kidding me.

She wanted to me to buy 3 and give her a 20 cent tip. I think a better tactic would say there are 3 for $2.40 to which most people would say “ha, I can buy 4 for $2.40” and purchase 4 just to show her. Therefore the chicken shop sells 4 when in all honesty nobody was buying any.

So if any of you could help explain these strange things you can win a prize. Simply take 6 weeks of works to try and win $104, a chicken rissole and a used fish glove.

Have Fun


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2 Responses to “You have got to be kidding me”

  1. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Excellent post. Enjoyed it. You’re great. Keep posting.

    Jamie Doyle

  2. sam Says:

    Good post! So true about watching other peoples lives and not tuning into those around us.. I think we’ve all been guilty of that..

    I do hope that the chicken shop you shopped at wasn’t Red Lea chicken, a relative of mine saw something along similar lines to the fish shop guy only washing one hand, except it was a Red Lea chicken employee that walked straight out of the toilets without washing their hands at all!! :-$


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