The King’s Message

December 10th, 2009

Hello and Welcome to another satisfying episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to held hostage by kidnappers. They demanded someone pay them 1 million dollars to have it released. It is common thought that they should of asked for a higher sum, as the demand was instantly met by a billion people all giving 1 cent each. The kidnapper was later found and the money returned when his mother turned him in, totally ashamed of what he had done. She is an email subscriber of The Thursday Blog.

Well what a week it has been. This will be the last week I am writing whilst being on leave from work and what an awesome experience it has been. I really wanted to place a lot of importance on the arrival of my daughter so I worked really hard then took a month off. My work amazingly gave me 2 weeks paid as Paternity leave (which is a whole new level of leave – time off for me because my wife went through and did all the labour) and then the last 2 weeks as annual leave.

My time off has been amazing. I have been doing a combination of attending to My Little Princess and sleeping. My Princess (my wife, not my child hence no “little” in front of her title – not to say she is big but compared to My Little Princess she is huge) … (I feel like I need to re-open the bracket to point out that My Little Princess is 3 weeks old so anyone compared to her is huge but My Princess’ size is not huge compared to a woman her age and she falls into the much sought-after category of perfect)…(I am really glad I re-opened the bracket last time… this time though was not necessary)…and I are having a lot of fun and love our new family.

Anyway enough about me, let’s talk about you. In fact I have a story for you inspired by My Little Princess. I have been doing a lot of thinking whilst staring for hours at my bundle of joy. I have been thinking about when I was a child, I was so reserved. I was afraid of rejection especially from people that deep down I didn’t even care about. It took me years to develop the confidence to be myself and start exploring life. If I could tell a story to that little boy that I was so many years ago, this would be it. A simple short tale with a powerful message – Enjoy.

‘The King’s Message’

The story starts @ the kingdom called Norrid, situated near the sea where the breeze could be sold for millions. Dan who was male, young & had the world @ his feet lived here. Fast-forwarding through my story, we notice Dan finding himself standing within the kingdom’s palace.

“Hey u” said the big security guard, “are you here to help the King?”. ‘Help the King?’ Dan thought, ‘Surely someone like me could not help’. For Dan thought himself to be common & not unique…but then the burly bouncer pushed him through the door and Dan found himself standing beside the throne. The room was extravagantly breathtaking & he was speechless. The King said “Do you like my room?” with cheeky grin.

“Amazing!” stuttered Dan.

Then the King lost his smile “this land’s troubled young knight & we need your help”.

“My help??… Knight??… These terms have not described me before Your Majesty”. The King’s grin returned. “Adventure stands before you my son.”

“Your Majesty, for years my heart has eagerly yearned for such things, but my dreams have faded, there’s nothing but the simple life that awaits me. You must search for someone different my King.”

The King’s grin ceased & fury mixed with love filled his face. “If what you see before u sits the King with His power, you need to listen to my message & you need to understand…….

The message that the King had for Dan is the same message He has for you and me. To find out the message re-read the story above and search for all the words that start with a vowel. There lies your 12-word message.

Have Fun with your Adventure.


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  1. Dan Says:

    Hi there.

    Did you get the message?

    I really enjoy making this week episode and if you like it feel free to use it and anyway you want.

    Also if you really can’t get the message email me and I will help you out.

    Have Fun.


  2. Cadu Says:

    Amazing! :)

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