A tale of a womb and a man

November 12th, 2009

Welcome to the Thursday blog, the only blog since the late 90′s to recieve an honourary doctorate from the school of hard knocks.

So because the owner of this blog and part time Donkey mechanic Funny Man Dan has been in premature labour since Sat afternoon, oh his wife is fine, he is the one being a little premature, he has asked me to write this episode of the Thursday blog, the only blog since… Oh did that part.

In introduction, I am David Wakerley and I blog at [Kid Inspiration]. I have known Dan for at least 6 years, which makes me close enough to get an invitation to his wedding, but not be in the Bridal party.

I thought that I might compose something in the inmitable style of the aforementioned Sir Dan of Lee-Archer, or at least a pale imitation. For we all know that a pale imitation is still better than a fake tan. Today’s topic is one I am very familiar with… Giving Birth… To dreams. So I present to you:

A tale of a womb and a man.

One great metaphor (what’s a meta for?) for seeing your dreams come to pass is birth. We talk of ‘birthing dreams’, or with animated eyes describe ‘the day that a dream was born inside’ or the moment ‘our dream came to life’ and wax lyrical on the envisioned future to come for the lives of the generations to come.

But like I fully expect my 3 year old to say at some point, like I must have to my mother. “Where do dreams come from?”

There have been over the last few hundred years many schools of thought. Rationalism, communism, humanism, consumerism, antidisestablishmentarianism… The list goes on… No really just check Wikipedia.

Within the Judeo-Christian tradition there are many schools of thought on just how to live out ones faith in the world and this blog is no different. Why just yesterday I could have sworn I saw this post down at the local ‘rose and thistle‘ boasting how it was predestined to be written by me. Then other times it has a life of it’s own declaring that the content contained within was directed solely by its own decisions.

Is this life just a entrance exam into eternity where duty rules over beauty, or is life the pursuit of happiness and all things pleasureful? Do we direct our paths or does a supreme commander move the troops on a giant Risk board.

I realize that my hypothesis warrants words written in the thousands and yet I would like to work instead in hundreds, so at this juncture let me suggest that the dreams in your heart reflect your world view, your beliefs about reality. The Psalmist even promises that if we delight yourself in the LORD he will give us the desires of your heart.

The capitalist dreams of capitalism, the baptist dreams of baptism. Our hopes are based on memories, family, influential relationships, media, the books we have read, TV shows we have watched. I still to this day want to diffuse a bomb using a toothpick (thanks Macgyver!)

If our dreams are born of stimuli then it matters what is stimulating us. Like a addict and his addiction, we are drawn back again and again. What you feed on, you desire more of. You can lead a horse to water, but if it wants canapĂ©’s then it won’t drink. There is nothing exciting about watching a movie where the plot revolves one mans struggle in post war Poland to make a car payment. We like our dreams bigger and our movies grand.

I think we were created for grand dreams. Not simply a life of servitude but servanthood. A life where the dreams are so big that the work they create give our labour meaning and purpose. That is our serving… living to see the grand God inspired dreams birthed.

If your desires lead you to down a road with only you at the end? Maybe you need to experience some withdrawal from your usual diet.

Withdrawal is simply separation… if you take some time off from the white sugar diet that fuels your current desires and start by juicing two oranges, an apple and some wheatgrass your taste buds will start to crave other foods and get a taste for the finer things in life.

The best dreams involve others.

The best dreams are tough.

The best dreams are impossible.

I hope this little meditation was enlightening, for I hoped to in some way reflect on the life times and work of Funny Man Dan. There is genius yet to be birthed and creativity yet to be sparked and I like a the student of the master have simply filled in a little while and like the great improvisers on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ have asked my invisible audience “Can I have a suggestion for a style of blog post?”

Have Fun.


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  2. rob Bradbury Says:

    Congrats Dan!!!!!!!
    God is good mate, enjoy one of lifes greatest chapters!

  3. mt Says:

    so stoked for dan & jas!

  4. Alex Says:

    Dave, you’re a genius!

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