Where the road leads

November 4th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to a NON-STOP episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. Now I am really really nervous…why? Well I will tell you why. I am conducting an experiment in today’s episode of The Thursday blog, where it is NON-STOP. That means I am writing and I am not going back and changing things around, editing, studying joke structures, and finely crafting what you are used to. This is extremely nerve-wrecking because of the following reasons – (1) I might use a few words that don’t really flow yet I can’t go back and change them; and (2) I may repeat a joke like I think I have already done with the TIME magazine, but I can’t go back and check, and if I did I am not allowed to change it. I thought of a really clever third reason but I have already written two so I am now going to move on.

The reason why I am trying this experiment is because at the moment life is travelling at a million miles per hour and so are the thoughts in my head. So like the experimental artist who just throws paint on a canvas in any order he pleases and hopes he get art, I am attempting to pen or type a few thoughts and see what picture it creates. I have no idea where this is going but I encourage you to come along for the ride. Oh dear, I need to give this episode a title and I literally have a few seconds to think about it. Today’s episode is called:

“Where the road leads”

Ok, that is an interesting title and I have no idea what it means, but I am thinking it is really strange the path life has taken me. Some news shocked me today and kind of made me laugh. Without giving away too much info about the dealings of my work (due to privacy reasons), we are hiring more staff. We have a recruitment team that get us applicants and I looked at who I and the other boss (who is considered to be the Big Boss and I the Little Boss – even though the term “Other Boss” might make me feel better if I am having a day of feeling inferior), were interviewing tomorrow.

I noticed a name on the list, and after a few quick-fire questions I realised that I definitely knew the person. In fact this person used to be my Big Boss and I his Little Boss for another company 3 years ago. This is absolutely crazy because if he is successful I will then become his boss when only 3 years earlier he was mine.

Now I know what you are thinking because my friend @nathmclean asked “was he really mean to you, so now you can get your revenge”. The answer is not at all. In fact this man gave me my first shot at management and took an interest in my development. I ended up leaving the company, but not because of him.

So get this, tomorrow this guy is rocking up to a job interview for a great job (not a management role but because the industry is higher than the other industry we both worked in, it is a very good job with similar pay and a lot more room to move up in the company); and the guy who is one of the people interviewing him can give him a personal recommendation. Talk about a good story.

Who would of thought that being nice to your employee could help you out later in life. I am not saying he has the job, it would not be fair to other applicants to just give it to him, but I already know what he is capable of and that puts him at a great advantage.

It is amazing where the road leads. Who knows that what you are doing now, no matter how insignificant you may think it could be, could be setting you up for the future. I am now inspired to try that little bit harder in everything I do because I never know the impact it could have in the future and on others.

Well that is the end of the NON-STOP episode. I had no idea I was going to write about that but come to think about it, it has been fresh in my mind all day. I am now thinking that the last couple of sentences were useless and didn’t add anything to this episode, and I want to take them out…but due to my own rules I can’t. I probably should just finish with the famous last 3 words:

Have Fun


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