IKEA – Our days of friendship

October 8th, 2009

Hello and welcome to another invigorating episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be included in the “welcome to our country” packs given to all new citizens in Australia, USA, UK, most parts of Europe, China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and oh course Mongolia. That is why the Thursday blog is considered your international mid-week guide to life.

On Monday we celebrated Labour Day. We celebrated it by having a public holiday which sounds bizarre because I always thought “labour” meant work. We celebrated by attending good friends of ours, Mike and Anita’s house warming and dedication of their new son Oliver. On the way home my Princess wanted to pop into a store that I haven’t been to for years. This is that story.

Today’s episode is called:

“IKEA – Our days of friendship”

IKEA and I have functioned quite harmoniously for many years. There used to be a shop situated a 10 minute drive away from where I lived and I had no bad feelings towards it what so ever. I used to enjoy going on the rare occasion to look around, walking the mazes, dreaming of what one day my house could look like. Only on the rare occasion it disadvantaged me. Once someone was giving me a lift home and they said they needed to pop into the centre where IKEA is located at, for a minute. It was a Sunday and it took over an hour to find a park. We weren’t even going to IKEA but the rest of Sydney was.

IKEA used to be one of my best friends’ Spronky’s favourite place. Not because he was in need of an oak pine tall-boy or a wall-hanging shoe rack, but because he loved the café. We used to meet up for breakfast regularly and we would take turns paying. I would take him to a nice café and he would order a breakfast fit for a king that would cost me $40 and when it was his turn to pay he would take me to IKEA, where the most you could spend was $3.50 for eggs and bacon. He is a true Dutchman.

So IKEA and I were friends because of this one reason. I did not require anything they were selling. I was a renting bachelor who lived with the bare necessities. Why would I need a chest of drawers when the floor holds my clothes so well?? However now that I am a married to a Princess, with a little one on the way, money streaming in by the thousands (that is an example of positive confession) and having just moved into a place of our own; IKEA is on the list of stores from where I am needing their products. Unfortunately the IKEA near me has closed down and the only other IKEA in the whole of Sydney (a city of 4 million people) is an hour away in a suburb called Rhodes. The suburb should probably be called IKEA because of the amount of space the shop itself takes up. We couldn’t find the address of the shopping centre so we just typed into the GPS to take us to Rhodes and there it was.

There is no way a reasonable person would travel over an hour to go to a shop, they would just find a closer equivalent. Unfortunately IKEA products are good, they are really good and I know that they know that. That is why there are no other stores. If there was a closer IKEA to the city then people would go there, but as there isn’t, the same people will travel. This is only slightly evil because I do not expect any company to spend millions to benefit the customers, but it would be nice. Come on IKEA, we have been friends for years, open another shop!

So we get to IKEA, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We had to fight hard to get a parking spot but that is a small price to pay to see an old friend. We were pumped up because we believed that today was the day were were going to find the perfect chest of drawers for our new unit. After the initial excitement of seeing all the displays we found a great chest of drawers. Unfortunately we had left our measurements in the car so I told my Princess that I would go back and get them. This is when the major problems started and IKEA and my friendship started to crumble.

What happened to Dan?

Will IKEA open another store?

Is the reason why Dan’s friend Spronky is still single because he keeps only paying $3.50 for meals for his dates?

Is this setting up The Thursday’s Blogs first cliff-hanger?

Find out on next weeks thrilling episode of The Thursday Blog – your mid-week guide to life!

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3 Responses to “IKEA – Our days of friendship”

  1. Steve Gore Says:

    Noooo!!! I can’t handle the tension!!!!

  2. Cha Says:

    Me neither! IKEA and I have a love-hate relationship. We did discover that a good time to visit is on a weekday at about 6pm when families are having dinner and it’s NOT the weekend. But yes they DO make good stuff.

  3. Cadu Says:

    “The suburb should probably be called IKEA because of the amount of space the shop itself takes up.”

    Epic! :)

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