The Joy of the New

September 24th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another fantastic episode of the Thursday Blog. The only blog in history to be used as a textbook at Oxford University.

Well what a week it has been. I have been at War!!! A fellow friend challenged me to a #twitteroff to come up with the worst name for a church group with a bad acronym. So things like: Super Passionate Eternal Warriors – Spew…or Daring Radicals Understanding Needy Kids – DRUNK.

So who was the winner?? Well this is my blog so the answer is me. But seeing as I don’t control all websites the winner is not yet decided. So it is up to you – cast your vote here

I have also been busy doing something that I am trying to learn how to enjoy except it is taking a long time to get to that stage, and that brings us to this weeks episode which is called:

“The Joy of the New”

I have been busy writing an assignment. Now I would love to go on about how writing assignments is something I regularly do in my spare time and I enjoy the thrill of research as I dive into a world of academic bliss. Unfortunately that story would be filled with fabrication. I was going to say “I would have to lie” but instead I did a thesaurus check on “untruth” to get fabrication. I just wanted to sound more intellectual.

I don’t enjoy writing assignments because I have never really done them well before. I am studying a degree part time for the sheer enjoyment of it. I know, degree and enjoyment is an oxymoron unless you are talking about degrees celcius or fahrenheit and you are on the beach. I have doubted my choice many times but I am sticking with it. I have come too far to quit!!!! I am doing my second subject out of 24, at least it is a start.

My last course I only had one assignment, and so this time I just felt like I was making stuff up and throwing in references here and there; so I had to get my incredibly smart Princess to reference it properly for me. I honestly don’t know whether the lecturer will look at it and turn their nose in disgust and give me a zero, or whether they will give me a credit (I can tell that is not worth a high distinction). I feel like I am on “So you think you can dance.”

The concept of shows like “So you think you can dance” or “[insert your country here]’s got talent” is that there are a large group of people who think might have talent in a certain area and a small group of judges that can tell them if they are correct. The person auditioning never really knows if they have what it takes but the judges do. The difference is that the judges are experienced in that area (I know not always but bear with me); and they have the knowledge from years of training to know if someone is ready and also are qualified to give feedback.

In most things I do I am one of the judges. I stick to things I am good at, experienced at, and qualified at. I can look at lets say, somebody’s comedy performance on stage or film, and provide accurate feedback on their strengths, their weaknesses and how to move forward. But I can’t do that for stand-up comedy (because that is a whole new ball game); someone playing the guitar; or a business presentation. In these situations I would be the person auditioning not the judge.

What changed from when I was a child (where I would give everything a try yet not be good at anything) to now (where I am really good at something’s), is that that is all I do now.

That is why I am doing my degree, because I am not good at it. That is why I am developing my stand-up comedy because I am not good at it. That is also the reason I am learning about becoming a father, because I am not good at it……… but I want to be and I will be.

So why not give something new a try. You may be really bad at it and who cares. But maybe, just maybe, you might discover something about yourself that the whole world has been waiting for.

If people didn’t explore, most of us would still live in England, haha.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “The Joy of the New”

  1. Alex Says:

    I still live in England, cheeky! But have definitely done the exploring! Love it! This follows up from my awesome weekend in Paris!

  2. Mirjam Says:

    So this is totally off topic, but ‘on’ tittle: You wrote this blog 2 days after my best friends gave birth to a totally awesome babygirl, named Joy. So this title, it’s just a coincidence of course, but I think pretty cool! New things are a Joy, especcially when the Joy is a little baby! :D:P

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