The guarded gift

September 17th, 2009

Hello and welcome to anther exciting episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to have a theme park dedicated to it. Unfortunately to honour the blog it was only open on Thursdays, the lines were terrible and it was losing out on 6 other days of business, so I advised them to dedicate it to something else.

Anyway onto today’s episode. I am trying something a bit different as I am going to write a narrative. A fun little story that highlights something I have been pondering over the last little while. So sit back, but not that far you can’t see the screen…that’s better, relax and enjoy the story.

“The guarded gift”

In a small town, not far from here lived an extraordinary man. Not the extraordinary type of man that climbs Mount Everest or walks on the moon, but an ordinary man of extra proportions. This man was doomed to live an ordinary life in his ordinary town, working at his ordinary job, except he had a secret that could change everything. He possessed something special that nobody knew about.  What he had he hadn’t earnt, or made with his own hands. What he had was a gift and it was extremely rare and unexplainably valuable.

When this man was a young boy, about the age of the young boy you know that you are thinking about right now; his father sat him down. He said “Son, I have something for you that is of great value. I have saved this for you for years and now it is time that it is yours. This will guarantee that you will never go hungry or begging bread.  This will open doors and guarantee that no barrier will stop you, no hill will be too high for you and your days will be filled with adventure. This will guarantee that you will not be ordinary or live a life that is ordinary.” The father then pulled out a rare gold coin and placed it in his son’s hand.  “This gift is yours, use it well.”

Is this a story about a man who didn’t value the coin? No, not at all. This man loved his coin and on many occasions he went to have it valued. He was told it was worth millions which made him feel happy and feel love towards his father that gave it to him. Yet he still kept it a secret.

There may be many reasons why he told no one. Maybe he thought it was too good for him and he didn’t deserve such a gift. Maybe he felt that others would be jealous and want it, so instead of losing friends he kept it away. Maybe he felt like if others knew they would come after it and they would use him and might even try to take the coin. The reasons are not known about why he kept the coin in the dark, and there it stayed for many a year.

The man built his life with the coin tucked away, never forgotten but never relied on to help in life. He would smile when he thought of what he could use the coin for and looked forward to the day that he would. “Not yet” he would say, “but soon” and his imagination would run wild with the possibilities before him. Well “soon” didn’t come and instead changed to “later” as the man worked hard in his life. The man got older and the coin more precious yet it still stayed in his pocket unhidden to the world.

The years ran on and the man drew near to the end of his time. He sailed to an island of rest, where older people went to spend the rest of their days in peace. There was a one-way boat that left once a year and this year our man got on and he got out his coin.

I am stumped why the man chose this time to take out his prized possession. Maybe he thought after holding back all these years he could really enjoy his wealth. He went to the bank on the island of rest and asked to cash in the coin. The manager was called and marvelled at the coin.

“I have never seen one this rare” the manager cried, “one so preserved, unused and protected.”

The man smiled but then the manager frowned and with a tear in his eye said “but I am sorry, here we don’t accept these coins, it is worth nothing”.

You have been given a gift and its value is beyond compare but you have one life to use it. When you go to your island of rest your gift is not needed. So spend your gift while you can, and enjoy the adventure it takes you on.

Have fun


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