Programed Fun Reactions

September 10th, 2009

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be read in outer space! This proves that no matter where you are, this can still be your mid-week guide to life.

A lot has happened since last Thursday. 1 week or 7 days, 168 hours, 10800 minutes, 604800 seconds, 324 jokes or 301 laughs (I am currently batting at 93%) have passed. No matter how you look at it, time has passed and I was hoping by the time I got to this part of the sentence I would know where I am going with this but I don’t. So that was kind of a waste of a paragraph. Sorry.

There could be a few reasons why the genius didn’t kick in but I have no idea so I am stumped. In fact this is the second time I have been stumped this week and that will be a lovely segway to this week’s episode that is called:

“Programed Fun Reactions”

I want to let you know of something that happened to me that made me laugh. In fact it really made me giggle and the person that helped me get to that state of joy is at the moment, nameless. I have no idea who it is. Let me explain.

I was at work one day and a lady walked into my office and asked “would you like a free haircut?” Not sure how to answer such a proposition she explained that she really needed to get someone to model, which is a fancy name for: someone to practice on. For those who have met me in person you will know my hair is a separate entity, it lives its own life and does what it wants, so I asked my hair and it said to go ahead.

Then funny part happened. As the hairdresser was washing my hair and thanking me for letting her practice on me, she asked me to thank my friend as well.

“Excuse me?”

“Your friend, who told me where you work.”

At this point, I was stumped. I enquired to the background of this statement and then couldn’t stop laughing. It turns out that she went to some random guy in the shopping centre and asked if he would be her model. He kindly said no and then said “there is a guy named Dan, who works over there who really needs a haircut. Go get him!”

I thought she happened to walk in and see me but little to my knowledge she was sent by a mystery man. So if that was you please let me know because it made my day. The poor hairdresser was so shocked when I told her I had no idea who it was, she said “I though they would of known you really well, they knew you needed a haircut”.

I didn’t even know I needed a haircut??!!

Apart for the joy of a new haircut I couldn’t stop thinking about this mystery man and how amazing he is. To be able to decline a haircut and then instantly think of a joke to play on the hairdresser (who still probably doesn’t get it) and myself, and to come off so sincere is just pure genius. Now if we interview this man I am sure he wouldn’t think too much of it, he was just playing a joke and that was just his reaction to a situation.

This is what I want to look at today. This man had a programmed fun reaction. I can bet many a time that when someone approached him to sell say a credit card he would of passed the buck and pointed them to someone else just because it’s funny. Or maybe signed those competition forms to win a makeover and put down his mate Steve’s details. I believe we can learn a lot from this man.

What fun reactions can you program in to make life a bit more fun?

Whenever I order some food or a drink at a place that takes your name to call it out later, I always say my name is “Jesus”.  This is not to be disrespectful but it is fun to see their reactions. I was at a burger place with my friends in Melbourne and I did this twice over two days. First time the guy came out and nervously said “Gee Us! Um a burger for Gee Us.” I didn’t say anything. He walks back. Then he tries again “J-Sus!”. That was a good enough try so I finally took the burger. The second time we were at a big table and the waiter gives my burger to my Brazilian friend Carlos because he just assumed he was Jesus.

So it can be as simple as answering the question “how are you?” with “I feel as good as I look!” Too many people take things too seriously but I am sure your reactions can spread a bit of much needed joy.

Have Fun


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3 Responses to “Programed Fun Reactions”

  1. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    If you are the Mystery Man please reveal yourself!!!

  2. Cadu Says:

    LOL! I can’t stop laughing… :P

    (By the way, the burger thing was *REALLY* funny!)

  3. Steve Gore Says:

    Or maybe signed those competition forms to win a makeover and put down his mate Steve’s details. I believe we can learn a lot from this man.

    Hilarious. When did you do this? Was this in my I-wear-clothes-five-years-old-and-never-get-a-haircut phase?

    I married a hottie so clearly I was doing something write.

    Too funny.

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