4 random things – 4 reasons to laugh

September 2nd, 2009

Hello and welcome to another amazing episode of The Thursday Blog. The only blog in history to have both the Dalai Lama and the Pope subscribe to it. This really is the world’s choice of blogs.

A lot has happened from last Thursday to this. The majority of last week was spent in Melbourne at the “Kidshaper” conference, but for those who saw me doing the news I believe I called it Kidsong)

So it was a wonderful week and I got to hang out with my friends Rob Bradbury (www.childrensministry1234.com), Squirt the Clown (www.kingofhearts.net.au) , Picco (www.funtown.com.au),  Natalie Miller (write her name and put a www.  in front and a .com at the end); and I even got the privilege of meeting and spending some quality time with the amazing singer/songwriter Yancy (www.yancynotnancy.com) and my new hero Jim Wideman (www.jimwideman.com). I might sound like a snob but I don’t hang out with people without websites :)

So during this week in Melbourne and back home a lot of small stories have happened and instead of trying to find a life lesson, I thought it would be nice to share them with you. In honour of Rob’s awesome curriculum “4” (new one out just realised called “The Trap”, check out his website) I thought I would tell you four. Today’s episode is called:

“4 random things – 4 reasons to laugh”

First off the rank happened shortly after I arrived in Melbourne. After shooting a short promo (what us famous folk do) we were driven back to the hotel and sat down for a coffee with one of our hosts Andy. Andy kindly offered to buy us all coffee but seeing I am not a coffee-drinking man I had a look through the drinks menu at the bar with him whilst he ordered. I decided that I would like a milkshake but seeing I like them real sweet I tried to do a bit of smooth talking. I said to Andy “I will have a banana milkshake and seeing my friend Sarah here (I read the waitresses name tag) went to school with me, she is going to make it with extra flavour”.  Andy was impressed and looked at her and asked if it was true, to which Sarah looked at us, smiled and said “that’s right, we both went to St Mary’s all-girls School”.

She added just for fun “you fit in so well”.

Andy was even more impressed when I didn’t miss a beat and replied “how are Susan and Rachel? Do you still catch up with them much?”

I got my extra flavouring.

The second thing happened between sessions at Kidshaper. With my two partners in crime Dave and Nath, I did the news segment and it was……….well you need to see the video. Simple words cannot do it justice (that is not necessarily a good thing).  A lady came up to me after and said “are you that guy on stage?” I modestly chuckled and before I could answer she added “the one in a suit”?  Now before the night started, two very talented guys named Ted and Brett got up on stage in suits to warm up the crowd. Both these men, though different sizes, wore suits. I told the lady that that was not me and out of interest which one did I look like:  “the skinny one or the not-skinny one”. She answered “oh anyone you like” to which I quickly answered “the skinny one will do fine”.

The funniest part was that she was standing in front of me, clearly disappointed, but she thought she would get what she came for anyway. She said “oh well, can you write in my book anyway?”  I wrote “You are awesome. Love from the guy that looks like someone important”.

Random thing number 3 happened back in Sydney at work. I reached into the cupboard to grab a folder and a searing pain shot down my finger. A bit of metal from another folder had gone underneath my finger nail and seriously hurt my figure. After pacing around the room screaming like a madman I looked at what dangerous folder hurt me. I looked at it and burst out laughing. It was the “Occupational Health and Safety” folder!

Finally the last story happened only a few hours ago and it just shows how amazing my wife is. Not only is she the most beautiful woman in the world but she happens to be the smartest. How can I prove this? Well she is always right!

Tonight she looks at a clock in the kitchen and says “yay, it’s only 6:40pm, it’s still early”. I laughed at her and tell her she is wrong. She tells me that she is right and I then prove to her she is wrong by reminding her she took out the dead battery from that clock yesterday. I go get my phone to tell her the right time and it is…….6:40pm. The clock is right only twice a day for one minute, and that happened to be the one minute that she looked at it.

In all of these the lesson to be learnt is, whatever you do make sure you

Have Fun


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11 Responses to “4 random things – 4 reasons to laugh”

  1. Shane Clark Says:

    Great post guys!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Great stories… Thanks for making me laugh! Kidshaper was awesome

  3. Sarah Thompson Says:

    FMD I laughed so hard through the news at Kidshaper that it still hurts.
    Do you know if they’re on video for the rest of the world to see?

  4. Rob Bradbury Says:

    You are a weapon FMD!
    You just get Funnier Manlier and Dannier?
    Great job at Shaper mate, next year is going to be off the charts

  5. Andy Says:

    Is that all I am to you FMD…a host…. If I get a blog can I be your friend?….

  6. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ha ha

    Oh Andy. We both know that I was the one desperatley trying to hang out with you not you looking after me. But there is an old saying that goes

    “you can never let the thruth get in the way of a good story.” -FMD

    And please get a blog. You have too much Gold to share to keep it quiet. I would subscribe in an instant and put it on my blogroll which is a well sort after honor.

  7. Jamie Doyle Says:

    When are you coming to the states so we can hang out (I have a website!)

  8. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ha ha Jamie.

    I am a big fan of your website. Hope the visit the states soon.

    Have Fun


  9. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    We are trying to get a copy because we can’t remember half the stuff that happened. Ha ha

  10. Mirjam Says:

    Respect to your wife, women are the genius ones on the planet and she just proved that yet again! :D

  11. bulk cheese Says:

    they were seriously funny. i am so impressed with the quick thinking of the waitress!!!

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