My Paying Pal David

August 26th, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to another tendosynovitis episode of The Thursday Blog. Don’t have much time for the intro because boy do I have a story to tell. If you are not following me on twitter let me bring you up to speed…

I have a dear friend by the name of David Wakerley and he has wronged me. His actions, though maybe unintentional, have caused a cost to me and because I love him he has to pay the price publicly. That’s right, this weeks episode is devoted to him. The best part is, that he knows he has done something but he has to wait till this episode post to find out what he has done. In fact nobody knows except for our other good friend Nathan McLean which only frustrates him more. This episode is called:

“My Paying Pal David”

So I have this friend who thinks he is so up to date with the world. He twitters on his phone, his TV is a computer and his toilet reads him his emails. He is very very smart.

So when he owed me $100, as friends do from time to time, he could not give that to me because of this one reason:  My method of accepting payment was not up to date enough. I could accept the following:

Cash: but that would mean he would physically have to go to an ATM and we couldn’t have that in this day and age.

Cheque: but that would mean he would have to use an ancient writing tool called a pen and that would be ungrateful to all the other tools technology has blessed him with.

Finally I thought I should get with the times and give him my account details so he could send an online payment from his internet banking. Yes that was the best idea because it was using the internet, he wouldn’t have to go anywhere and he wouldn’t have to use any ancient writing utensils. Unfortunately there was a problem. Internet banking had now been around for many years and to a man of his superior intellect that is considered to be old hat.

He said to me “Oh Daniel, if I can’t press a few buttons on my phone then I forget to do it. You need to get with the times. You need to use PayPal so I can press my buttons and it will be in your account instantly. In this day and age you don’t have to waste your time waiting 2–3 days like you would for an internet transfer. You will have it instantly!

Instantly – like I care about instantly after already spending 16 weeks waiting!!!

So seeing I was owed the $100 that meant that I was the one who had to come up to speed with the world to get my money. I upgraded my PayPal account, verified it, increased my sending and receiving limits and linked it to my bank account to withdraw the money and then I was ready to receive this money INSTANTLY.

I told Dave that I was now ready and worthy because I now had PayPal. He smiled, asked my email address and pressed his few buttons. I got an email message instantly (though I didn’t read it until the next day because my toilet doesn’t have the same functions as his), that said he had transferred the money and that it was now sitting in my account. This was really impressive, and I started to realise why he operates the way he does. Maybe I needed to be more like him.

Later I logged onto PayPal to access my money and I received a shock.

Sitting in my PayPal account waiting for me was not $100 but $97.30. As I looked further into it I saw that PayPal, the future of technology, had placed a $2.70 charge for their sending services. Did they charge him for sending it?  No, they charged me for receiving it and they took it off the balance. I finally released why people still use internet banking today………… IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!

And here is the kicker! When I then tried to take out my $97.30 that was sent to me INSTANTLY, not only did they charge me another $1.00 to transfer the funds to my bank account (taking the balance to $96.30) but they said it was going to take 5 business days!! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO INSTANTLY?????

So am I angry with my friend Dave? Not at all. I now have another thing to add to the long list of reasons why I love him. If you have the privilege of knowing him, reading his twitter (@kidinspiration), getting fueled by his blog (, or even getting to chat to him once in awhile, you are extremely blessed. I have known him for over 7 years now but in the last one year I have had the honour of seeing him do life up close. I dedicate every Friday, on my day off, not just to the ministry that we do together, but to serve him in anyway that he needs me. This I would not do for just any man. In fact I am on a flight right now with a bunch of awesome people, en route to Melbourne to support him as he speaks at a conference.

Dave you are surrounded by remarkable people who are devoted to making your visions become a reality because of the impact you have in their lives. I hope that I can always be there to help out.

…As long as you learn how to internet bank.

Have Fun


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4 Responses to “My Paying Pal David”

  1. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Thanks for the fun stories. If ever you desire to send me an instant payment with paypal – feel free… I’m willing to wait 5 business days and take a few dollars hit.

    be blessed!

  2. Steve Gore Says:

    In Dave’s defence, they only started charging people for transfers recently – like in the past few weeks.

    But yeah, that sucks. I try to avoid paypal if I can. Not that I agree with these people, but there are plenty of people out there that can’t stand the system.

  3. Sam Says:

    I wonder if Dave likes instant coffee as well?


  4. Mirjam Says:

    Happy to be Dutch! Here every transfer is free and pretty much instant! :D

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