Change: Is it worth more than 20 cents?

August 20th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome once again to another Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg episode of The Thursday Blog. Just on a side note I would like to know if anyone goes to the trouble of google-ing the descriptive words I have been using for the past few months. The words used are hand-selected and they always describe a different aspect of this stand-out blog. Take today’s example which is the name of a lake in Webster, Massachusetts. That obviously describes the vastness of this blog and how in winter people can skate on it.

Now it takes the twisting ability of Bender from Futurama to come to that conclusion but we can’t take these things too seriously. This is a guide to life and seeing life is a complex maze of events, relationships, necessities and sleeping (throw in cravings for milk and you have the first 12 hours of your life), then you cannot expect this blog to fly straight. Who cares if the seatbelt sign is on, let’s enjoy the adventure.

Today’s episode is all about adventure or maybe it isn’t. That is for you to decide. It’s called:

“Change:  Is it worth more than 20 cents?”

Change is a thing. I could of started with saying it is a wonderful thing, a challenging thing, an annoying thing or an exciting thing; but that would depend on who I am and let’s face it, also how I am feeling. It is very interesting to note that as a child changes, in most cases the change is something that is wanted and craved for. Children want to get older, they want exciting things to happen, they want different things because they get bored quite easily. Now compare that to the average adult where change is only accepted in moderation and sometimes rejected or even feared and we have a very different outlook. What has happened?

Now I am a very gifted individual. I know that you are thinking how unmodest can one guy be, but I can assure you that every time I tell people that I am an exceptional human being I am hugely underexaggerating. One of my gifts is that I have an incredibly natural ability to adapt. Everything seems normal to me. This is very handy when I travel.  I can be visiting friends in Amsterdam (which I did last year) and I wake up everyday and feel like this is normal life. Same thing as I can come back after a 4 week holiday and when I go back to work the next day, everything feels normal. I do not miss the trip or wish I was still on holiday – many would – but I just adapt. I hope that doesn’t offend friends and family reading at home because I would miss you if I stayed away, when I got around to realising it.

Now as much as I can go as far as saying I have a gift of handling change, not every part of me does. My body hates change. One reason I could handle going to some of the places I have, like the slums of Cambodia and the depths of Rwanda is because I stayed in hotels. If I had to sleep in a slum my body would be very angry and would probably beat me up during the night. As much as I can say I could adapt my body could not. This has been evident to me recently as we have just moved to a new place and I have adapted quickly but my body is not sleeping well at night. It doesn’t like change and chooses to tell me that at 3am!

If I can have a guess why children love change it could be that seeing there are stable things in their life, like parents being there and a place to live, so the concept of change for the little things seems fun. As the child turns into an adult and they start to find some things in life that were relied upon to be stable aren’t absolute and are vulnerable to change, the whole topic becomes more real and more feared.

So what is change. I believe that change is not a friend or a foe but a privilege that not everybody is blessed enough to have.  I am having trouble sleeping at night because I am in a new place but not everyone gets to live in a new place. You may be jet-lagged from a flight but not everyone gets to fly; you may have a new job but many are unemployed. You may have a new friend that you have to get used to, but many are lonely. You may have to adapt your life according to your beliefs but many are wondering lost not knowing what to believe. There are many people sitting on the side of the road asking those walking by if they have any change to spare. To them change is worth more than 20cents but a privilege that they have always wished for.

Think about it and as always, have fun.


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  1. Sarah Says:

    That’s very profound. Thanks for sharing!

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