The Poet is in love

August 6th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to another Absquatulative episode of The Thursday Blog. Many people have marvelled at the wisdom of this blog over the years and they all ask the same question:  “Where do you get your hair done?” I have no idea why they ask this, as well as no idea how they know how good my hair is; as well as no idea why I decided to waste 68 words writing about it! What I do know is this is the place where thousands of people get their guidance each week (or at least enjoy a good read). That is why The Thursday Blog is commonly know as your mid-week guide to life.

So what does the mid-week guide to life have for us today? Well not much in the form of guidance. I don’t have a clever story, I don’t have a funny thought, and I don’t even have a sobering challenge. What I do have is my heart and I want to share a piece of it because on the Tuesday just gone, it was my 2 year Wedding Anniversary.

That last sentence would of provoked a number of reactions. We would have some think “Well done” yet others who have been married a lot longer think “I was that excited after 2 years, wait till the 20 year mark and see if you are still celebrating”. We have some that think “that’s so romantic!!” yet another think “that’s so weird?” A woman might say “how cute” yet a man may scream “arrrrrrggggghhhh” at the sheer mention of the word ‘wedding’. There may even be someone that is single and will think “lucky ………” (and fill the dots with any word they please).

In my case, when I think about the past 2 years of marriage I simply smile. What am I thinking? Well I will try and tell you but I don’t think I can justify it in a normal episode. I am going to have to try and use a skill passed down the ages that is extremely useful for situations like these; yet there are not many people today that are brave enough to try it. I am up for the challenge because she is worth it. I am going to use…….. poetry. This episode is not about anything else but to share the love that I have for her. This episode is called:

“The Poet is in love”

“Two years is a long time in anyone’s book.

Two years was my schooling at senior school college, which grew me, changed me and set me on the course I am on today.

Two years is how long I have been riding a motorcycle, enjoying the freedom of the road.

Two years is also the amount of time that I have never made it to in keeping a job, though I have tried.

Yet two years with you by my side has not felt long like my time at college; short like my time on the road; or long again (yet a different type of long that we all know too well) like my time spent at work – it has felt normal. The days of my life gently roll by in the same way they have always done. I don’t measure my time with you against my life because it cannot be done. These other things happened in my life yet you on the other wonderful hand, are my life.

You are beautiful. I beg pardon for my simple tongue. I would love to compare your beauty to say a flower but I cannot. Many a clever, bold, daring, exciting and may I add romantic word come to mind whilst thinking about you when looking at the flower. I am poet at his peek describing your beauty as compared to this small creation. I am ready, fully-armed with sweet words destined to woo, I have compared you in my mind and I call you gracious, magnificent, humble, gentle, royal, caring, gracious, kind. Then I see you….. and my words are worthless. I am no longer a poet at his peek, but a Poet in Love.

My beautiful Princess, forgive me. I have spent years trying to master the written and spoken word yet I still cannot come close to describing the person you are, and your beauty within and externally. I cannot promise you that I will ever get to that goal but I can promise you this…That I am going to spend the rest of my 94 years left on this earth with you trying each day to let you know how much I love you.

Happy Anniversary my Princess.

Love your Faithful Husband.

Daniel Joseph Lee-Archer.”

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7 Responses to “The Poet is in love”

  1. Narelle Says:

    Wow! That was simply beautiful.

  2. Mirjam (NL) Says:

    I’m jealous of you two! (But only in a good way!)
    What a beautiful read while eating breakfast :)

  3. Walter Walter Says:

    Wait, you know you have 94 years left? So that will leave with 96 years of marriage… 4 short of a grand total indeed. I’d be negotiating with whoever granted you those original 94 years.

    Congratulations, by the way!

  4. sarahjoy Says:

    oh that was so beautiful. :D

  5. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Suppose I should ask for a life top up. Seeing it is only 4 extra years I would have to pay the full refinance fee hey?

    Here is the original contract

    You are the man Walter.

  6. Walter Walter Says:

    Plus Life Insurance.

    You know what’s dissapointing? When you hit your 50th wedding anniversary, you get a letter from the Queen. I think that is so awesome. However, by the time you and I hit 50 years, I can assure you that either A) We won’t be part of the Commonwealth and thus no letter, or B) The letter will be from King William or Harry. Lame!

    Seeing as I don’t really have a solution for this, this is just sheer whinging. But this is the internet! Isn’t that what it’s for?

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