The life that once was

July 23rd, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls welcome once again to another Quinquangular episode of The Thursday Blog. This is a very special blog as today I am 26 years old. Well my birthday was yesterday but it doesn’t take away from the fact that today I am 26 years old. So if you are not usually a commenter (which most people aren’t and that is cool, there are more and more readers each week yet less and less comments) this week is your chance to leave me a happy birthday comment ?

Now I have had a very different week to the normal because I am on holidays. We are on a “nothing” holiday. The last few holidays we went on were actioned-packed. generic lopid We had a run sheet and little time to spare; places to see, people to spend time with. They were so busy that we needed a holiday from the holiday. This holiday we went all out…we flew away to my home town to my parents house and we had no plans.

So upon waking up in the morning, one would ask the other what we are doing today and the other would say “nothing” and we would go back to sleep. It is truly wonderful.

So it is at no surprise that I have had a lot of time to think and here is something that I have been pondering. Today’s episode is called:

“The life that once was”

It is a strange feeling being at the place formally known as home. Home is now where my Princess is and my baby on the way will be, but where I am currently sitting was home for so many years and I don’t know what to write.

Gosh I both love and hate when I challenge myself and this week is going to be tough. I really wanted to write something funny but I feel that this one is going to be deep. I have spent the last few days trying to come up with something clever and funny but with absolutely no luck. So it is the deep blog or nothing. So if you are not in the mood I recommended re-reading the blog “Things I don’t understand” because that was a good one.

Back to home.

It is not the place that has been on my mind. Even though this is a plane ride and a car journey to get to, it still feels like just down the road. It is also not the people, as I have spent time with some family and a very close friend and that has been great. The thing that is on my mind is the life that once was.

I moved to Sydney Australia when I was 18 years old. Now this was a crazy move. I had nothing to come here to, nothing. I had no job, no school, no friends, and up until 3 weeks before my one way flight I had no where to live.

Only 3 months earlier, Sydney was not in the picture and I had it all worked out. I was going to move to Launceston (a city only 1 hour away) and go to university. There would be a bunch of great people I knew that I was going to hang out with including two of my best friends who I was planning to live with and study the same course – a degree in contemporary arts majoring in acting. I received a perfect mark in the highest level of performance drama in my final year at school and I was set up for a win.

I was going to complete my degree, ‘wack on’ a teaching degree and become a drama teacher. Then I would try and get acting work with a bunch of study behind me with teaching as a safety net. I never did get that net because I didn’t go down that road. One day I told my plan to a well-respected person in the drama field who was judging a competition and she said “Why don’t you go to Sydney and try and break into acting? Give it a go!”…and that night I thought to myself “I am going to Sydney. Damn it, there goes my plan”.

Now I am lying in my old room and I can’t get rid of the feeling that there is a whole life that could have been and once was but is no more.

Is this about me questioning my choices? I don’t think so because I look at my life and I am so thankful at where I am today. I have a long list of things with at the top being My Princess, My Princess and My Princess. So it is not about my choices.

I think that every now and then in life we all look back at the crossroads of life and even if it is 100% clear that you chose the better path, there is still a sense of loss. I believe that at these times you can be tempted to try and re-live some of that life but that is not the answer. The answer is to simply mourn that the life that once was, is no more and in an act of bravery, move on. My other life had to die for the life I chose to live but it still doesn’t mean there is no sense of loss.

Thank you for reading, I feel like I have just hit upon an answer that I have been looking for for awhile now.

Have Fun


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10 Responses to “The life that once was”

  1. Cadu Says:

    Happy Birthday my friend! :)
    And don’t forget my present!!

  2. Sam Says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve gotta say I enjoyed reading this, yet another excellent blog post!

  3. Mirjam (NL) Says:

    Hey, I allready said Hppy Bday, but once again:)
    Totally understand your ‘loss feeling thing’, I totally had it when I turned 25 earlier this year. I thought: oh no, at least 25% of my life is over, and what could I’ve been ‘if only’. But then again, still having an adeventure in front of me (goin’ to sydney, lol) kinda shakes that feeling. I think that’s the cool thing about life though. It’s not a set out path. The fact that we can feel like we lost something, makes me realize that I have an absolute choice in the matter. So even though it’s a loss, it’s absolute freedom as well!
    :) So enjoy your ‘nothing’ holidays! (And don’t ponder TO much on what could’ve been!)

  4. Paul C Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Sir Dan!
    I to have enjoyed the read of you blog and indeed agree very reflective time always around birthdays!
    As they say – “love you work…”

  5. sarahjoy Says:

    Have the most phenomenal year ahead.

  6. Steve Gore Says:

    Can so relate, man. Thanks for writing a great, insightful blog again.

  7. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Hey Dan,
    - happy birthday (be-lated). I love your stuff – keep it coming my friend and blessing!

  8. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    What do you mean “at least 25% of your life”. You need to read and watch your words Mirjam. Consider that comment rebuked :) Have Fun (and live long) FMD.

  9. Mirjam (NL) Says:

    Allright, allright, I re-read the 120 yrs blog and say I agree w/ you (however I’d rather then just hit for 150, round and even you know, but whatever) then it was only 20.83333333 (and a lot more 3′s) %. Luckily, I was just temporarily insane at that moment, cuz now w/ exactly 25 and a half years, I’m feeling young as ever :)
    And seriously: I’m happy w/ 25… not to old, not to young, just about perfect! (not that there’s anything wrong w/ 26, before you rebuke this comment aswell :p)
    Yeah, so now I’m signing of for wednesday night, since your new blog is already posted, but it’s not thursday where I am yet, and I don’t want to be tempted to read it on wednesday!
    See you on your 120th B-day!

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