If it works…..

July 9th, 2009

So today’s episode is very special and going to help you in a non-specific area in your life, and cause a change that is significant yet unmeasurable, and help you in a way that is helpful yet unneeded. Wow, throw in a “you will hear something of good fortune” and you have a horoscope.

That will do for a fantastic segway to today’s episode:

“If it works…..”

The year is 2001, I am only 18 years old and I am looking up at a running chainsaw so close to my face I can feel the heat from the blade. I stand there unable to move, totally aware of the danger that is inches away. In an act of courage I grab the chainsaw by the handle, bring it to the ground and manage to shut it off. The crowd that was watching erupts in applause. They have just witnessed me balancing a running chainsaw by the handle on my chin.

This was one of the many feats that were performed that afternoon on the streets of Penguin (fun name – fun place; the trash bins are all penguin figures). That day the Street Performance Group by the name of “Spandex” featuring the artists Aydenn “Strongman” Whish-Wilson; Brian “Trilby” Lyons; and Funny Man Dan were on fire. They finished with a trio of finales. FMD to the delight of the crowd, juggled a knife, an egg and a bowling bowl and finished by throwing the egg sky high in the air and catching it in a cup attached to his hat. Trilby rode backwards and forwards on a 6-foot unicycle and juggled 3 razor sharp knifes. He would always drop one at the start for fun and on top of the unicycle he would yell “I will get it”. To finish, Strongman would juggle a ball, a club and a running chainsaw. We call him Strongman because everyone else in the world who does this trick throws the ball sky-high in the air to give them enough time to take the weight of the chainsaw when caught and get ready to throw it again; yet Aydenn would throw the ball, club and chainsaw all at the same height (about the level of his nose).

This trio of finales were well-loved around the state of Tasmania and at that little market with the Penguin-shaped bins, it was no exception. In fact that day was our highest grossing single show we ever did, with us making $140. Not bad for a bunch of kids doing 30 mins effort. Slightly higher than the going wage at McDonalds.

Now this episode is not about how we came about to be buskers, that is another episode. This episode is based on what happened next. Two young woman (though the word young can be misleading depending on who is reading this so to avoid confusion they were about 25); and they asked me a strange question.

“What star sign are you?”

Now I have built up a collection of fun answers to odd questions and I still use this one today.

“I am a Cleo”

This answer was designed to get someone to take the bait so then I can make my joke. Well they took the bait, heck they took the rod as well.

“WHAT!!! Cleo??? There is no such thing as a Cleo? Etc…”

This is the perfect response and I moved in for my joke.

“I am a Cancer and a Leo. I was born on a cusp. So I could be either.”

And then the killer line that gets generic levitra effective some people annoyed and I love it.

“It depends on which magazine you read?”

So I was expecting a laugh, a smile or a “you are so funny, here is $50 more for your busking”, but the response I got was quite bizarre. They looked at me and said:

“Leo!!! I thought so.”

It still baffles me today that after watching a 30 minute performance these two woman could feel like they knew who I was as a person, what was going to happen to me in the future and guess my date of birth to the nearest 30 days.  It wasn’t that they could tell I was a Leo but that they were so sure, that struck me.

So is this an episode making fun of fun of horoscopes. Not! Actually, I wanted to comment on the power of a belief. I am 100% sure that horoscopes work for those who believe in them. How they work is debatable but whether they work, how they say they work, or they work because they work, is besides the point. A belief, if strong enough will work.

I have many strong beliefs and horoscopes are not one of them, for the reason that I don’t want the stars to have a say in what happens in my life. I have been thinking about my beliefs recently and did a stock-take. The question I asked myself was ‘If what I believe only works because I make it work, would it still be worth living according to the belief?”

In my life, the way I live according to my beliefs, brings me so much joy, happiness, security and richness in relationships, that if even if I was wrong I still wouldn’t care. Even the sacrifices I make (not animal ones) would still be worth it.

I encourage you to ask the same question. One of two things will happen: your beliefs will strengthen or you will be led towards something stronger.

Have Fun


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    Hey Dan,

    I’m running a week late. That was spot on.

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