The Glass is 1/8 full!

June 25th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages welcome to another Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic episode of The Thursday Blog. For those of you who don’t realise all the big words I have been using in my intro’s recently are all real words with fun definitions. Ask your friend Webster what they mean or Oxford will know, or even better ask you close friend Google to “ask” them for you.

Today’s episode is dedicated to the people who have lost someone. There has been a lot of death lately, not in my world but in the worlds of people I know and care for. There are a lot of people hurting and I want to let you know that we are thinking about you. I hope in a small way this blog helps.

The Glass is 1/8 full!

I never knew the pain of grief in my life until 6 years ago.  Growing up everyone I knew and loved remembered to do the basics, to breathe in and out and not to stop. Then my first truly loved one died.

I got a call from my dad one morning while I was teaching a class and he told me my Pop (Grandfather) was very sick. That day went by so slow as my parents went to be with him and I was stuck thousands of miles away in Sydney waiting by the phone. I got to speak to him (though he couldn’t talk) on the phone. I let him know how much I loved and respect him, I thanked him for his impact on my family and I said goodbye. I got a phone call later that afternoon to say that he was gone.

This was a lot to handle even though he had been sick for a while. He had fought hard, been in and out of hospital. Even though it was hard to say goodbye it was, in a strange way understandable. But it was what happened 3 days later that wasn’t!

That Saturday at the same time as the Wednesday I received another phone call from my dad. Pa (my other Grandfather) had been taken to hospital. He had some problems with his memory but physically he was healthy so this was very strange. Unfortunately he turned out to be very sick and the day started to repeat itself. I got the blessing to be able to call him, he also couldn’t talk so I continued to express my feelings and say goodbye. Around the same time that afternoon my phone rang again. My other grandfather was gone. I lost both my grandfathers in 3 days.

Unfortunately this is not my only loss and I have said goodbye to people that should still be in my life. As many would know the pain doesn’t go away and that is not the goal. To not to hurt is not to love.

I have one small principle that helped me in these times and in other times when life was just tough and it felt like the world was against me.

This principle is called ‘The Glass is 1/8 full’.

Hang on Dan! That is the second time you wrote 1/8 full. Is that a typo? The saying is the glass is ½ full right?

The glass is half full is a great principle to live by. It means you can look on the brighter side of life and realise that things aren’t that bad. But what do you do when things are that bad. There is hardly anything in your glass, heck some of you don’t even have a glass. Life is kicking you from every direction and you don’t know what to do. That is when you need to see that the glass is 1/8th full.

If you get sick, the glass is 1/8 full because it means you can get better. If you lose your job, the glass is 1/8 full because you are now generic levaquin your own boss. If you are addicted, the glass is 1/8 full because freedom will taste so sweet.  If you lose a loved one the glass is 1/8 full because you realise how much the people in your life mean to you. If you get Swine Flu, you get a week at home.

There is a power that cannot be matched when a person can look at any situation and find just one positive. That person may get beat up, but they will never be beaten.

Have Fun


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8 Responses to “The Glass is 1/8 full!”

  1. Aj Says:

    Dan, im in hospital waitin on surgery after breakin my arm in all stars saturday night. I’ve missed out on my 21st birthday celebration with my family, i can no longer be involved in kidsong.. + a whole lot more. Sigh, glass is 1/8 full! Lol.

  2. Mirjam (NL) Says:

    Awesome! I like the 1/8 principle. Maybe even better then/than (?) the 1/2.

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Oh no AJ

    This episode was for you hey!

    You will be really missed at kidsong! Maybe that is your 1/8 full part, everyone realises how much we love having you at kids (not that we need reminding)

    Have fun


  4. Aj Says:

    Thanks dan!! I’ve been released on good behaviour for the weekend! Glass is atleast 1/4 & may have found a way into kidsong! BOOYAH

  5. Alex Says:

    That’s fab Dan! Will be forwarding that to a friend here!

  6. Justyn Says:


    Great post. I love the 1/8 principle. It gives hope to real people.


  7. rags Says:

    Ha Dan, you are so funny!

  8. rags Says:

    You crack me up! thanks for the great wise idea

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