I have no idea!!!

June 18th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and Girls of all ages, Welcome to another Plenipotentiary episode of The Thursday Blog.

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I have no idea!!!

Have you ever had absolutely no idea what you are talking about but decided to give it a shot? To see if anyone would notice?

Let me tell you a story…

It was a cold winter day in the streets of Burnie, Tasmania; as well as being cold in the roads, crescents and cul-de-sacs. I do not normally spend time in Burnie but I happened to find myself there on that occasion. I was 17 and the world was at my feet like it always is because I stand upright. I was with some friends and we were at a University open day where we would get the chance to find out some info on courses that we could study, to set us down the path of THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!! As you could imagine there were mixed feelings in the air.

After walking around the campus, myself with my two friends, searched to find somewhere that was not a street, road, crescents or cul-de-sac to try to warm up. We found an open marquee and walked in only to find a lecture taking place. In fact we had arrived at the very last sentences of “now break up into your schools and discuss the following points that were outlined in this presentation, and choose a speaker to bring forth a debate”.  This all sounded interesting and over our heads so we went in to investigate.

We found a group of people from our school that turned out to be from the Commerce and Economics class and they were busy trying to construct some points. We said hi and asked what had happened.

It turned out that they had just listened to an hour lecture

It turned out that not only did they have to come up with some points to debate with, but it was a competition between them and the other schools.

It turned out the other schools were all private schools that when they were born they were handed their first textbook.

It turn out most of our class mates were scared to present and didn’t have a final speaker.

I quickly ran into a telephone box, got changed and came back and said “Never Fear Citizens. I will be your final speaker”. Some were pumped, some were just relieved it wasn’t them; but the teacher of the Commerce and Economics class was shocked.

“No. You can’t be the speaker, you are not even in my class. What do you know about commerce and economics??”

“I live in a commercial country that has an economy!!!”

“You weren’t here for the lecture!! Do you know what we’re discussing?”

“I have no idea. But I am going to give it a try”

I had about 3 minutes preparation and then it started; and the schools were drawn out of a hat and guess what. We got chosen to go last. So I am the final speaker on the entire debate. At this point I am thinking that I might not have thought this one through.

The presentations go on and they are very professional and bland and it gets to my school. Our first presenter was shaking in their boots but got a few words out. The second speaker knew what she was talking about but had a lot of trouble with generic lasix otc the delivery. It was down to me. I really should consult a panel of people before I make these silly decisions.

What happened next I don’t remember exactly except that I had the crowd in the palm of my hands. They were laughing and listening as I talked to them from my personal experience witnessing the economic situation that I had no idea about. I spoke boldly, I spoke confidently and I spoke, in kinder words, out of a source that was not my mouth.

At the end, the Dean of the Commerce Faculty of the university thanked everyone for their contribution and said what the best points of the day were (he then listed my points, even though I had forgotten them by then), so the winners were my school.

There is an old saying that goes “Fake it until you make it” and I couldn’t agree more. Now there is a lot of stigma attached to the concept of being a fake. We have to be true to ourselves and to our friends and not be something we are not. This is true but slightly off the point. What I am talking about is if you want to be something then start acting like it.

If you want to be a manager at work then start acting like a manager. I don’t mean start hiring staff but start behaving like you are in charge. See if any of the people that you deal with notice.  If you want to be confident then start pretending that you are. Do things like confidently, and see if anyone can tell that you are sweating on the inside? This is not an example of not being true to yourself but you wanting to grow in an area and having fun trying.

At the end of the presentation, after I had been awarded a prize for our school I walked up to our teacher and he just looked at me speechless. I handed him the prize, smiled and walked away with that grin on my face.

Have Fun


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  1. Sarah Thompson Says:

    Thanks Funny Man Dan for another great inspirational story

  2. bulk cheese Says:

    hahaha thats soooo cool!!!

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