What is that supposed to mean????

June 11th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girl of all ages welcome to another honorificabilitudinitatibus episode  of The Thursday Blog. This is the place where thousands of people, nay, millions of people tune in each week to see what Wonderful Words of Wisdom will be Wept like Water on this Website. Yes The Thursday Blog is truly your mid-week guide to life.

I have had a very strange week this week and it all started when my Princess rolled over in bed towards me. Today’s episode is called:

What is that supposed to mean????

Bedtime is just plain fun in my household and not for the obvious reasons that would come to mind when thinking about an incredibly good-looking married couple who fall in more in love with each other everyday. Apart from that it is still a lot of fun. There are a long list of strange and wonderfully weird things that happen during bedtime. These things include:

• Talking in our sleep. Now this isn’t such a strange thing except that when one of us wakes the other one because of the talking, the only way to get the other to stop is to continue the conversation. Quite a few times my Princess lets me know in the morning that we had a wonderful conversation at 4am about fruit and supposedly I think we don’t have enough friends that are Pineapples.

• Working in our sleep. When work gets a bit tiring our bodies seem to like to play tricks on us. More than a once, deep in sleep, we have both gotten up on separate occasions and started sleep working. My Princess was checking charts, putting in IV’s and talking to her patients; whilst I was approving loans, organising compliance reports and warming up for a performance. When the other one would wake to see these strange events happening, after they had stopped laughing, they would grab the worker and say “It’s time for a break” and get them back to bed.

• Playing in our sleep. This could be accidentally hitting each other, giving orders to each other, waking each other up only to fall asleep on them, and laughing a lot. As I said Bedtime is just plain fun.

But something new happened one night and I don’t think I was ready for it. I woke up one morning and my Princess was basically rolled over so much, she had almost pushed me off the bed. In fact I remember vaguely waking up during the night 3 times to push her back (how loving am I) only for her to return. I didn’t think this was too strange because I am a wonderful guy, who wouldn’t want to be close to me. In the morning as we were talking and laughing about how irresistible I was last night, I reached down the side of my bed to look for my phone. I felt around and then tried to put my hand under the bed to see if it might be there and I couldn’t feel under my bed. Still slightly drowsy in the morning I tried again but with no luck. Instead of feeling an open space I felt a board. A board????? What is a board doing there??? I jumped out of bed only to find……


When I say collapsed I mean 4 wheels that are solid as a rock totally gave way and shot out of the side like a squashed spider.

Go on, have a laugh….

Now my wife’s side, who is 18 weeks pregnant, is perfectly fine yet my side was completely flattened.

Laugh some more….

The crazy thing is that whenever it happened I didn’t feel it probably because of the same reason it did collapse (a lot of padding).

You can be excused to take a toilet break…

In the mist of all this I couldn’t help but think -

What is that supposed to mean????

A million different thoughts buzzed through my brain all consisting of the conclusion that I am overweight, which made me depressed, which made me want to eat chocolate, which makes generic lamictal 100mg me overweight. Now I never stopped to think of the possibility that the bed was old and just gave way, I instantly jumped on the “I am overweight and depressed” bandwagon. (Not a very fun wagon, but it does have free doughnuts).

So here is the thought. What topics are there in our lives, where we instantly jump to conclusions on what it was suppose to mean. If you don’t know the answer to that question, then maybe ask a friend. It is those sensitive buttons that when people get near to pressing we instantly react. This happened to me recently and one throw away line in an email to me started me on a spiral that had me going to the government to seek justice from my enemy.

So what do we do? Well I suggest you do what my Princess does. She laughs at me lovingly and I realise that I may be slightly overweight, we may have to buy a new bed and we may be sleeping on the floor but at the end of the day… you can’t take these things too seriously.

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