120 years and $258 million cash!

June 4th, 2009

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120 years and $258 million cash!

Words are a really funny thing. Yes they are important in communicating because there are only so many ways to express yourself by grunting (I can count three), but further to that they are filled with power that sometimes we don’t really know how to use.

It is funny how leaving out a few words can make you look a little silly. Just today my boss was hosting a conference call and it made the sound when someone drops out of the call. Instead of asking if anyone knew who dropped out she left out the “does anyone know” and just said “who dropped out”, which we all thought “how could they answer?”

It is funny how the order of words can make you look a little silly. I once heard a speaker at a church, and he was telling a story about how he visited a church that was based right in the middle of the city where they did a lot of work with people involved in the drugs and crime that happened there. Unfortunately his order was a bit off. He said “This church was doing great things. There is crime, drugs, drunks on the street, prostitutes, everything. And it is right in the middle of the city!!! It is awesome!!!” It took me awhile to realise that he was talking about the church in the middle of the city being awesome. Meanwhile my friend, who doesn’t go to church but came along for the ride looks at me and says “What kind of church is this?”

It is funny how the timing of words can make you look a lot silly. I was once listening to a speaker and was getting into it. I was encouraging them from my seat by saying things like “good point”, “wow”, and “tie me down and do a barn dance!!!” (ok, I made that part up). But my favourite line to say at the time was “It’s true!!!” I over used that word like there was no tomorrow. The only problem was that I got so into the habit of saying it that I wouldn’t register what the speaker said until those words had come out. He got to a point about you have to be yourself and said “Now I know that I am not the best looking guy in the world” and before I could stop myself: “IT’S TRUE!!!”

The front four rows lost it, but thankfully by a sheer stroke of luck he didn’t hear me.

I felt so bad for awhile until someone told me that a few weeks earlier the same speaker was doing his thing and said “I am nearly finished”, to which someone in the audience who was genuinely trying to encourage said “Great!”

So words are a fun thing but they are also powerful. Sometimes when I want something to happen I just say that it will. For example when my Princess and I were trying to get her pregnant we were in Rome at the time. We would say ‘thank you’ to someone in Italian (Grazie), and they would reply “Prego!” (you’re welcome). Now the word ‘Prego’ kind of sounds like a shortened version of Pregnant, so every time they said ‘Prego’ I would pat my wife on the tummy and say “that’s you”. That trip she got pregnant! I believe it was because of the power of my words, and the fact if you take your wife around Europe including Paris for your anniversary things are bound to happen!

So the reason this blog is called 120 years and $258 million cash, is because those are two things I have decided I will have. I will get $258 million and I will live to 120 years just because I can.

Now you may say that this is stupid but I am not going to listen to you. Why would you say that? What have I done to you that you would want me to be poor and dead?

This week my words are so important. We bought an apartment on Saturday. This is very exciting and our first of many purchases (there I go again). Now there are so many things that could go wrong but I am choosing not to worry and to say that they won’t. I said that they would take our offer, and they did. I said that they would accept a 5% deposit instead of 10%, and they did. I said that the loan would get processed quickly, and it is. Now we have two more hurdles to get over that are big ones. The valuation and the strata report. Either one of these could break the deal but they won’t. The report will show nothing bad and the valuation will be the purchase price!

Now how can I be so positive?

Because the alternative is just so boring.

Have Fun


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2 Responses to “120 years and $258 million cash!”

  1. hannah Says:

    Good luck with the purchase, it’s such a blessing to be in your own house, not worrying about landlords and evictions. Praying you have favour with all the process and your house quickly becomes a home.


  2. Fee Says:

    OHMYGOSHDAN!!! That made me laugh! like really made me laugh! I was contemplating the RRS/email thingy, but this one set it in stone… GOLD!!!

    [say hi to the princess for me...]


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