“Just accept the darn coffee”

May 28th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages………. you are looking fantastic. Yes you…….that right you, no I am not talking about anyone else. Come on, I can see you looking around as if it is somebody else I am talking about. Stop it. It’s you. You look great!!!

Sorry where was I?

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Speaking of the guide, I have a great episode for you today but be careful. The people I describe in this episode may be very similar to a person who looks a lot like you (who we have already established looks great…. Yes you…..don’t make me start this again) and this person who looks like you may be challenged to change the way they think. If you are not ready for such an awesome thing like that then I suggest you read the last few Godfather’s txt because they are funny. If you are game, then read on.

Oh hello. There you are. You look great (YES YOU!!!!). You chose wisely…

Today’s episode is called:

“Just accept the darn coffee”

A few weeks ago (for the point of the story) I went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday. It was a fun night at a Spanish restaurant and to finish off a dozen of us including the birthday girl went out for coffee. After enjoying some fine Crown Street coffee the waitress presents us with the bill and our guest of honour (the birthday girl) quickly, before anyone else could move, gave her a some cash and paid for all of our coffees (and my hot chocolate, I don’t drink coffee and if you have ever met me you would realise I don’t need to). What happened next was one of the most confusing phenomenon’s I have ever witnessed.

Everybody protested (besides me, I just watched).

They told her no and that they would pay for their drinks and hers’; that it was her birthday and she shouldn’t pay. She laughed and said that she wanted to say thank you for celebrating her birthday. Sounds nice. Well it didn’t stop them.

They protested again and started to hand her notes and coins to pay for their drinks. Once again she said she wanted to pay for them because she wanted to bless them. Case closed. To my horror they didn’t stop.

They started trying to put money into her hand, into her bag, into her pocket until she finally cracked and told them all that she didn’t want their stupid money.

Now I want you to think of what you would do in this situation. You probably wouldn’t throw money at her but would you feel uncomfortable with the Birthday girl paying?

What if it was dinner and cost lot more?

What if you knew she earns way less money than you?

If you would feel uncomfortable it doesn’t mean you’re shallow. All it means is that you are suffering from a condition that 95% of people have. It is that they don’t know how to receive a gift!

One time I gave a friend a massive encouragement. Now I made a big deal out of this because I knew that I could really make her day. She thought about it, smiled, and 6 seconds later she started to encourage me concerning how amazing that encouragement was etc etc etc.

This annoyed me because in her haste to encourage back she didn’t receive what I gave her.

How many times has someone given you a compliment and you give them one right back. How many times when someone has bought you something you say “I will get you back soon” or “I will pay next time”.

So what do you do? The answer is a simple 3 step process. Firstly, next time someone tries to give to you just take it. Whether it is a compliment, a favour, or a present, just take it.

Step 2 is to feel awkward. This is the time most people give something in return because for some strange reason we feel like we have to. Don’t give in, just feel awkward.

Then finally, Step 3 is to thank them for it.

I promise you the first time you do this it will be so weird. generic indian viagra I promise you the next 48 times it will still feel weird, but soon it become natural, “like taking candy from someone who is giving you candy”.

So what happened in the end for my birthday friend? Well after I had watched this all take place and in the silence after she had yelled at them, I leaned towards her and simply whispered “Thank you”. She stared back at me and with what looked like a slight tear in her eye she said “Finally”.

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  1. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Hi there.

    I just wrote a funny comment that was so good that I decided not to use it and save it for a start of a blog.

    So unfortunately it is just left overs for a comment. So it is now you job to leave an interesting comment.

    Leave a comment already :)

    Have Fun


  2. katie k Says:

    step 2- feel awkward… im going to give this a go! love this!

  3. sarahjoy Says:

    i think ive been one of those who throws a compliment back immediately.. will definitely give this a go!

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