BIG -Fun behind the scenes

May 21st, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to a sleep-deprived episode of The Thursday Blog. There is no need to worry because I am at that point of sleep deprivation where you get surprisingly witty so this should be fun.


The question is: How come you are lacking in the sleep department? Well the answer is the title of this episode:


 “BIG -Fun behind the scenes”


For some of you who are reading you will know what BIG is. Yes it is a movie with Tom Hanks who is a boy that becomes a man, then because it was a 80′s film, him acting like a child got him a high-paying job (I tried that once in an interview……….. didn’t work). Apart from that movie though -BIG is a children’s ministry curriculum. It is something a church would buy to help them run a children’s program. Part of this, are our little (in a Big kind of way) videos which are short TV show-style episodes and this is the reason that there is a whole bunch of people who are sleep deprived.


So I thought it would be fun to write about some fun things that happened when the cameras were rolling (and sometimes they were).


1.      The rehearsals.


We obviously needed rehearsals (there is not a bold font bold enough to bolden the word needed so I am not going to try). These rehearsals were co-ordinated by an amazing person called Hannah. They were based at a place commonly known as Hills which is a great venue but nowhere near my house or my work. Plus it is peak hour traffic to get there after work. I am often late but for our final rehearsal I decided that I would do everything in my power to get there on time. I got the call time moved to a realistic time for me. I worked late during the week so I could leave work early, I chose to go the way that would save me 10 mins of traffic but was very expensive with tolls and everything was going well. I got through the usually traffic-filled part fairly quickly, then got onto the highway/freeway and hit a traffic block that was just disgusting. The kind of traffic that needs some fibre. Heartbroken I made the call to inform the team that I would be late. Hannah answered.




“Hi Hannah, the traffic is so bad I am going to be late”


“Do you have a meeting with Dave?”


“No, we have a rehearsal!”


“Did I not tell you, rehearsal has been cancelled….. I am so sorry”


“I am going to hang up now!”


So I am stuck on a highway that is not moving, travelling further and further away from my home and about to pay my next toll. Finally, 2 hours after leaving work and $20 in tolls later, I made it home.


I then got to take my Princess on a date so that made it all worth it.


2. The production team.


Every job is important and the production team are amazing. There was one person, Nate who among other jobs was in change of the slate. You know the “Scene 9, take 49″ guy. We were pumping him up to put more enthusiasm into it, letting him know that he was the most important guy on set. He started getting into it, so much so that when during one scene when we were redoing a take (so didn’t need the slate), the director called action, Dave started his first line and then out of nowhere Nate jumps in with his slate. Everyone needed a five minute break due to laughing!


3. The directors.


We have 2 amazing directors. Mags who is the head director and is a filming guru and Ben who is more consulting at the moment because he just wants to be near us awesome people. Now they know how the film industry operates, but most of the actors don’t. This produced some very funny moments. The best of which was when Dave, the genius behind the whole production, the children’s pastor of the whole church, and also an actor, was standing in place waiting for the camera. It had been a long day so Dave lowered his head and closed his eyes. Ben then yelled out “Eye lines”. Dave still stood there. “Eye lines, eye lines Dave, eye lines”. Dave still with his eyes closed shifted his position. “Eye lines Dave…. EYE LINES”. Finally Dave yells “What in the world is eye lines” only for Ben to yell back “OPEN YOUR EYES”.


4. The props.


I have saved the best for last. We had a scene with Nathan who needed to be sweating profusely. Our props department headed by the multi-talented Stephen found a spray bottle but it had some tea tree oil in it. He thought “This is good, I will mix it with water and that will create more defined beads of sweat”. This is a good idea but he didn’t tell his helper who was spraying and he didn’t generic imitrex sumatriptan tell Nath. So when the call was made to make Nath sweaty he thought it was straight water and opened his mouth and kept his eyes open. The director called action and they started the scene only for seconds later Nath to say “Hold on, my eyes feel funny……. they feel really funny…….arrhhhhhh my eyes are burning” and he proceeded to run around the set trying to get it out. I naturally ran in to help but what was happening was so hilarious that instead I just yelled “KEEP ROLLING”. It may be on the bloopers.


So what an amazing three days it has been and I am excited to see the end result.


Have Fun



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10 Responses to “BIG -Fun behind the scenes”

  1. Giusepe Says:

    hahahaahahahaha! I’m laughing so hard! The last one is the best! LOOOOL! I can imagine the situation… LOL!

  2. alex Says:

    ha! made my night with these stories!

    Im sitting here now, capturing the footage. tape by tape, scen by scene, line by line. amazing!

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    You are a champion.

    Good luck and …..

    Have Fun


  4. Naomi Says:

    This is too funny! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes bloopers….

    My 7 yr old is trying to convince me to buy the BIG curriculum for her to do at home…. she loves Hillsong Kids music ALOT!

  5. Flamingo Says:

    When does the video come out?

  6. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Some time this year.

    The Flamingo’s can come over to watch it!

  7. Sam Says:


    HA! Sounds like you guys have loads of fun. What an amazing team God has brought together. We just wrapped up your first Curriculum last week our kids and volunteers loved it.We can’t wait to get our hands on your next installment.

    Gianni says Hi. (You are a rockstar he can’t get enough FMD)

    Have Fun!


  8. AndrewBoldman Says:

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  9. Steven Spielberg Says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve heard of this Ben that consults for you church and would very much like to meet him. I’ve heard his work on such projects like “BIG series 1″ and “Guys we’re rolling so shut up” turned alot of head at Sundance.

    Could you please put me in contact with him.


  10. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Hi Mr Spielberg.

    It has been too long since we caught up. Oh course you can have Ben’s contact. In fact when you were supposed to enter your personal email address you mistyped and by a sheer stroke of luck you entered in his personal email address. What a lucky typo. So simply email yourself, i mean email Ben field by emailing the email of Ben Field you provided in the email Field.


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