Things I don’t understand

April 30th, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special episode of The Thursday Blog. It is episode number 10!!!!!! Now I know this doesn’t sound too glamorous because everyone expects this Blog to go on forever as it is so darn awesome…but this episode is a milestone for a very special reason. The Thursday Blog is adding a segment. Yes there is now a reason to come here multiple times a week (besides to re-read the darn awesomeness) because I am officially launching “The Godfather’s Txt”.

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It will start with some info explaining it all in the next few days, then randomly during each week a Txt message-size post or two will appear for your reading pleasure.


So to kick start our new segment, The Thursday Blog proudly presents today’s episode that is a collection of small thoughts. It is called:


“Things I don’t understand”


We live in a funny world and the way we communicate and live our lives is stranger than that random gunk I found once under the sink. There are a whole lot of things I don’t understand. Maybe you could help me out…


I don’t understand when you ask someone if they would like a drink and they answer “I’m good”. Well that is lovely to know that but it doesn’t actually answer the question, it is just a statement about their emotional state. Instead of saying “I’m good” I don’t understand why we don’t say: 

“I am great and I don’t want a drink”

“I am fantastic and I am not thirsty”

“I am incredible good looking and a cup of tea would be lovely”.


I don’t understand why people seem to constantly lie to me when they tell me they will be with me in a minute.


I don’t understand when you use incorrect grammar like  “Me and Jesse are going to the beach” people correct you and say “No, Jesse and I are going to the beach”…I don’t understand because Jesse said he was going with me!!!


I don’t understand why there are no self-help books on not being able to read.


I don’t understand if you go around on Friday and ask people how their weekend was, they freak out. They had one 5 days ago!


Once I asked a friend how her brother was going at school. She said “He is failing miserably”. I don’t understand, does that mean he is doing a miserable job of failing?? Does that mean he is passing??


I don’t understand why I would like fries with that!


I don’t understand when a football supporter’s team wins a game; he or she says “We played a great game”. I don’t understand, they never left their seat, they weren’t even on the bench.


I don’t understand why if you keep some tissues or a hankie with you during the day your nose won’t run. But if you forget them, the windows of Heaven open up in your nostrils and there is a down pouring.


I don’t understand why every morning I honestly believe that 2 extra minutes sleep is going to help.


I don’t understand why I calculate the quickest possible time I could get to a place so that I leave my house at the latest time. How positive can one guy be? Do I honestly believe that I will catch every light and find a park right out front of where I am going?


I don’t understand why I am always late.


I don’t understand how my grandfather walked 50 miles bare-foot in the snow to school everyday. He lived in Las Vegas.


I don’t understand why girls go to the toilet in groups. There are no video games in there. I’ve checked!


I don’t understand how a person can rudely cut in front of me in traffic but seeing that they waved it all seems ok.


I don’t understand the phrase “Think outside the box”. Next time someone says that to me I am going to tell them to think outside the box and come up with a new cliché.


I don’t understand why I used to watch “The Nanny”.


I don’t understand silent letters. Spelling is hard enough without putting p’s in front of words.


I don’t understand that no matter what sport I am playing, at half time I have a craving for oranges.


I don’t understand why when you ring a wrong number they always pick up.


I don’t understand that I know people from all around the world but I don’t even know my own next-door neighbours.


I don’t understand why I still don’t trust God even though he has never let me down.


I don’t understand why someone would read this blog without leaving a comment and telling everyone they know.


I don’t understand that with all these weird and wonderful things in life how people can complain that life is boring.


Have Fun



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15 Responses to “Things I don’t understand”

  1. Naomi Says:

    “I don’t understand why every morning I honestly believe that 2 extra minutes sleep is going to help.”

    this is so true….it never really works, and yet I try over and over again…

    Just started reading your blog. Its so funny… bringing a smile to my day. My 7yr old and I love the new ” Hillsong Kids Follow You” album and dvd!The “Love Never Fails” music video is so funny…. my 7 yr old almost has the whole dvd memorized, with the actions for the songs. Its all she wants to watch at home or listen to in the car.

    Have a blessed Thursday!

  2. adelle Says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning Dan!! Needed a laugh!! Keep them coming!!

  3. Alison Says:

    I don’t know you, but your blog is funny. :) Thanks for the laugh. You made my husband laugh too.

    As for the last bit… “Only boring people get bored.”


  4. wilson Says:

    ” I dont understand…” ye, me too sometimes, but, you know, some of them are reasonable, coz people lazy, crazy and puzy, hhaa, thanks man that is a good one!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Flamingo Says:

    hahahaha The unknowns of life. I like it mate but you left one out:

    I dont understand why the e-saver application always timesout lol.

    talk soon,


  6. James Says:

    I am incredibly good looking and a pcup of tea would pbe plovely

  7. Natalie Lim Says:


    In what circumstances did you check the girls toilet? Did you just purposely walked in to check or just entered the wrong door?

  8. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    That is another episode!!

  9. Shummy Says:

    Ha! that was a particularly funny epsisode of the blog

  10. Sally Squad Says:

    One thing I never understood is why a boxing ring is called a ring when its actually square?

    Great post…gave me a good giggle!

  11. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ha ha

    I think after being hit in the head so many times you would call it a ring as well.

    Thanks for the comment Nat. I love yours and Sally’s show.


  12. Sam Says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could read this blog without laughing once ( I told a few ppl, they rank “boring” in my books, seeing they didn’t find any of this humorous.). Seriously dude, I laughed at most all of what you had to say. And of course i had to leave a comment.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Walter Krumpkrump Says:

    I Don’t understand why the phone only rings when I’m on lunch.

    Actually it’s probably because everyone else is on lunch and making thier calls.

    Problem Solved!

  14. Walter Krumpkrump Says:

    Oh and another thing, why do women suddenly throw themselves upon you when you get a ring on your finger? Why couldn’t that happen when I was a geeky looking beatle-haired year 10 student?

    Maybe they are just attracted to the gold!

  15. Gore to Be Says:

    I don’t understand how 55 days before getting married can feel like an eternity away and at the same time be freakishly close and extremely soon!

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