April 23rd, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog.

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Today’s episode generic for zyban is bound to be great, but that is coming from the guy who is writing it, so it may be bias. So you can decide for yourself. If you like it, write me a comment and tell your friends…If you don’t like it, then internalise your thoughts in a deep meditation and share it with no one!

Today’s episode is called:


 3 months ago I thought I had had the worst day of my life. Now this is not because of one big thing but because of a bunch of little things. Sometimes I think one big thing would be better.

Picture this: Man is rushing to work, because he slept in a bit, because he didn’t sleep well, because he is feeling a bit sick, and now he jumps in his car and it is having trouble starting. So then he has to get jumper cables and a jump start to get it going, and then after all that, he gets stuck in traffic and is late for work.


Man walks to his car to go to work. Car blows up! Man is late for work.

I would choose the 2nd one for sure. At least I could deal with it and have a decent excuse but my day 3 months ago was not like that. As soon as I woke up my body knew it was going to be an awful day and tried to get me to stay in bed. Unfortunately my body has cried wolf before, so I ignored it.

Changing a long story to 800 words (has anyone noticed that my blogs are always 800 words range) I had the worst day. Work was so hard, I had so much to do and to top it off and I had to run an errand in the city. I get to head office but had to park a 5 minute walk away. This was ok because it was sunny. After my errand I walked back and guess what….. It was raining! Not just any rain. It was chubby rain. I bolted to my car (5 mins is a long way in pouring rain) and I got soaked. I was so angry. The worst part was, only 5 mins later the sun was out, not a drop of rain to be found. (You’ve got to be kidding me).

I finished the day and met a good friend of mine (Mr Wakerley himself) and we went to see some live comedy (because we like to keep sharp). During the show I thought about my day. The reason I had such a hard time is because I was trying to please everybody. I had one person expecting me at the city and another person expecting somewhere else. There wasn’t enough time to do both but I tried, and in the end I let one side down and got stressed and made my job hard. This is the lesson I needed to learn.

The funny thing is, it was a great show and I felt at peace that the day was almost over. We started walking back to my car and the night was peaceful and calm. Then it started to rain…. Hard! Another mad dash later, my 2nd pair of clothes was drenched. 5 mins after we got to the car, once again, it stopped. I laughed at the stupidity of it all, plus the day was over.

Now I would love to finish the story here but this episode is called “Re-test”.

Darn it.

I couldn’t go through another day like that.

Then this Tuesday happened.

I am doing a special project at work and I have to check people’s work in a certain area and see if everything is in order. If it isn’t I need to report it to them and higher up. No one likes being wrong so on this day I tried to please everyone again and tried to call them all to change their work before I reported on it. I am allowed to do this at my discretion but it just takes so long and makes things so much harder. I barely got through the day then I realised that I had failed my test again and got the same result.

Sometimes there are some tests that we have to keep re-sitting until we get it right. I am hoping next time I succeed.

All this people-pleasing made me stay back late after work. By the time I started to leave on my motorbike, wearing my office gear because it was sunny this morning, it started to drizzle. Then it changed to pouring. Not again!!! But that day I chose to do something I have never done before. I pulled into a random carpark and waited. 10 mins later (the time it takes to get home, or catch pneumonia in heavy rain) it stopped raining. It looks like I passed a test after all!

Have fun


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3 Responses to “Re-test”

  1. Jaz Says:

    I think this is a great reminder of how we get the opportunity to succeed at something that we have previously failed at. God is always pumped to see us succeed!! How cool!!

  2. Katy Says:

    Thanks for another great Thursday blog, I really enjoy reading them each week. Keep up the great work!

  3. Giusepe Says:

    Oh well… you wouldn’t believe it if I told you I just had one of THOSE days… i think i will definitely need a re-test…

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