Don’t Mess With The Godfather

April 16th, 2009

Hello and Welcome to the most incredible, amazing, life changing over the top and completely un-modest opening line you have ever read!

The rest of the Blog is a bit more modest, but only a bit.  Well how can you be modest when you are talking about The Thursday Blog – Your mid week guide to life.

Now today’s episode is taking a break from being “your mid week guide to life” and just going to tell a story. Sometimes a good story is exactly what the doctor would prescribe (if they didn’t have a degree in medicine therefore could not prescribe anything else).

If you want a title, today’s story is called

Don’t Mess With The Godfather

Let’s start at the start. The Godfather is one of my nicknames. There is a very short story why I am called The Godfather but for the sake of time I will avoid that. Under the name of The Godfather I do a range of thing with one being “The Godfathers’ txt”. This started last year, I decided to put a thought of the day in a txt message and send it to some guys I know. It was fairly well received and that encouragement caused me to start twittering and to resurrect The Thursday Blog.

These txt were a range of life thoughts, quotes, challenges, jokes and the world’s first funtorical questions –which are a rhetorical question but with no point, no depth but a whole lot more fun to ponder. I am planning to add these as a part of The Thursday Blog in the future so keep an eye out.

Now one day I was in pain because of my wisdom teeth so I sent a txt out saying “how stupid it is that those darn teeth cause so much pain yet they are called wisdom teeth – that is not wise, that is stupid!” I ended the txt with a fun statement of “If you are now laughing at me, watch out, I am coming to hit you”. I got a bunch of replies but a certain one stood out. A good friend named John sent me “ Ha Ha Ha Ha. I am laughing at you yet you are nowhere to be found. You aren’t as quick as you used to be Godfather”.

The Godfather doesn’t get angry. He gets even… and then some. I made generic for zithromax a phone call.

Our friend John thinks he has got the best of the Godfather. He goes home after work with a skip in his step and a smile on his dial. He walks into his place, and calls out to his sweetheart, his wife, his companion. “Honey, I am home. I did the funniest thing today”. His loving wife walks up to him and says “Before you tell me I have something for you”. He looks up at her with expectant eyes. And she hits him!!!!!

John  shocked, dismayed and speechless  looks at his wife and she says “the Godfather’s Hitmen are everywhere!”

They have a good laugh and I get a txt from him “How could you…. My own wife against me …… That was awesome”.

So you think he has learnt his lesson, but like the mouse to the electrified cheese he thought this time he might get to the cheddar. He made some feeble attempts to get me back. He asked my wife to hit me one night saying “two can play at that game” and he tried to get someone at my work to get me but couldn’t get through our phone security. This didn’t phase me but a month or so later he woke the lion by replying to another txt with an insult. I replied “just wait, it will come when you least expect it”.

What happens next was a stroke of genius. I waited 6 weeks and then I made another phone call.

John was flying to his best friend’s wedding in the wonderful United States of America. He lands there, and gets out at the airport waiting for his best friend to pick him up. His best friend AJ knew where he would be waiting and he parked right over on the other side of the airport, and walked 20 minutes so that he could come up behind John without him seeing. AJ finds a total stranger and asks a favour.

Meanwhile Jon is waiting without a phone and AJ cannot  be found. Then out of nowhere a total stranger walks up to John and says “John, this is for you”. Jon’s heart is racing, who is this man and how does he know my name. Is he a messenger from God here to save me in my time of need? He opens the card only to read “THE GODFATHER’S HITMEN ARE EVERYWHERE” and to have his best friend jump out and hit him on the arm.

So there you have it. Much love to Mel, AJ and the total stranger that made this all happen. I hope you enjoyed the story and if you learnt one thing it is – Don’t mess with the Godfather.

Have Fun


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7 Responses to “Don’t Mess With The Godfather”

  1. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Hi there.

    You have reached the comments page. Not a lot of blog readers leave comments and that is cool, but if you are itching to have your say please feel free. I know a lot of people who check this site a few times a week just to read people comments because they are so interesting.

    So tell us a story, I’m listening.

    Or don’t, thats cool too.

    Just make sure you….

    Have Fun


  2. hannah Says:

    HEHEHE. I love it. I never knew you were so patient and vengeful. Okay I knew you were that creative and cheeky. Have a great day. you and Jaz and in my prayers

  3. sarah joy Says:

    hahahaha great story… :)

  4. Heather Says:

    You are the master!! I should learn from you… heeheehee…

  5. Alex Says:

    Only you Dan! Genius!

  6. Jesse Calarco Says:

    nice one godfather… anyone would do anything for you lol… john got similar results with the church that i see book in the office… the picture of mel always appeared up… he had connections

  7. Sam Says:

    You really are the Godfather. You’ll be glad to know that you have people in NY as well.

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