The writer’s privilege

April 9th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen… wow I didn’t even have to finish writing that. I just wrote : L a d i and then the rest popped up. I hit enter and there you have my opener. Wow. That saved me 1.8 seconds that I can be wisely spent waiting for my internet to load. I both Love and Hate computers.

But let’s talk about you. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen (that time I copied and pasted, another 2.1 seconds saved) to what surely is another life changing episode of The Thursday Blog. It may not happen overnight, but if you keep reading this once a day, send the link to all your friends to do the same and make sure you all leave comments, something will happen. You life may not change but my stats will definitely go up!

Today’s episode is called

The writer’s privilege

I need to start by letting you know that due to laziness and lack of skill I originally spelt privilege as priligedge and then changed it via spell check. Another brownie point for computers.

I have been doing a lot of writing recently.  Obviously I am the author of the only blog in existence that is “Your Mid Week Guide To Life”. I also have had the privilege of writing for the Hillsong Kids productions with Dave Wakerley, and believe it or not I even write my own performances, mainly because I don’t yet have room in my budget to employ someone to write them for me. In all this writing I have discovered a truth that I like to call “The Writer’s Privilege”.

Now listen up. This is profound. It is so good it will knock your socks off and if you are wearing thongs, flip flops or sandals my job is already done.

The writer can write whatever they want!

Wow, pretty deep hey. Now how is that useful in life.?

Well our life is a story but how that story is told is up to you. Let me explain by showing you 2 different accounts of the one event:

Story 1:

The alarm went off. The man was tired. No big deal. He got up. 

Story 2:

It was 6:59am when the man was in a deep sleep. Dreams have come and gone but now his body was waiting. Out from the Far East a mighty sound erupted that filled the land. An alarm had sounded that disturbed all who could hear. The man woke up. The man enjoyed a few second of peace before his reality kicked in. His body ached. His body pleaded with him to destroy the sound and return back to rest. His body reminded him how fragile it was and how it couldn’t cope to face the day. His body held him back with grave warnings that it was impossible to get up this morning and for him to try would have grave consequences. Another sear of pain of the power of the alarm shook him. All was lost, he would defeat the alarm and return to his place in bed. 

Then, out of a surge of defiance and a passion to change he said “No”. His no changed from a whisper to a shout “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” The man in an act of bravery, while his body cried in agony, threw off the cover and stood up victorious. He had conquered himself. He got up. 

What is the difference? Obviously the second one is better written, but why did I write it like that. Because 2 and a half years ago this was my situation. I went though a very dark time in my life. As a result I felt physically sick every morning. My body pleaded with me to stay in bed and more often than not it got its way. 

So I had 2 choices. If I did get up I could:

Think “everybody else gets up in the morning, no big deal” 


generic for zetia class=”MsoNormal”>Think that it was a big deal and to get up in the morning was defying the odds. 

This choice was my privilege. I could be a loser or a hero. It was up to me.

So you, my fantastically good-looking reader, have access to The Writer’s Privilege. Are you just going to your job everyday, or are you building a career? Are you just going to school or are you developing yourself as a person? Are you just staying home with your kids or are you someone that has seen the value of their choice?

For all of the examples both of them are correct. The difference is one make a better story.

Have Fun



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10 Responses to “The writer’s privilege”

  1. Kathryn MacDowall Says:

    FMD…once again my thursday (well Wednesday night) will never be the same.

  2. Dan Says:

    Only cool people leave a comment.

    Give in the the pressure!!!!


  3. Sarah Says:

    Only been reading for 2 weeks but loving your work! As I’m all the way on the otherside of the world in the UK (city called Norwich) I get to read it on a Wednesday afternoon – aren’t I lucky!

    I’m going to introduce our kids team to the blog as they all love you from the Hillsong Kids stuff.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Alex Says:

    Profound Dan, you’re awesome! Thanks for being you! And have a fab Easter, you, wife and bump xxx

  5. Jacob Says:

    Dan lee- what a man

  6. PJ Says:


    Great post! You’re right…we all have the ability to write our own story. “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Prov 16:9)

    We can ink the story, but God turns the page! And, just a thought, He may not turn it until we go back and erase some things that shouldn’t be there.


  7. Taryn Mundell Says:

    Just discovered your blog- great stuff- look forward to this Thursday’s installment.

  8. Giusepe Says:

    Yay! Tomorrow is Thursday… do you know what that means? =D

  9. Robbert Says:

    Great writting, love it… Good work, look forward to the next Thursday!

  10. bulk cheese Says:

    YESSSSS – lets choose to be POSITIVE and THANKFUL!!!

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