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Things I don’t understand

April 30th, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special episode of The Thursday Blog. It is episode number 10!!!!!! Now I know this doesn’t sound too glamorous because everyone expects this Blog to go on forever as it is so darn awesome…but this episode is a milestone for a very special reason. The Thursday Blog is […]

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April 23rd, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog. Man we have been having fun with The Thursday Blog recently and what a ride it has been. If you have just joined us, you are in luck, all other episodes are available to you for just one easy payment of $39.95 (payable […]

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Don’t Mess With The Godfather

April 16th, 2009

Hello and Welcome to the most incredible, amazing, life changing over the top and completely un-modest opening line you have ever read! The rest of the Blog is a bit more modest, but only a bit.  Well how can you be modest when you are talking about The Thursday Blog – Your mid week guide […]

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The writer’s privilege

April 9th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen… wow I didn’t even have to finish writing that. I just wrote : L a d i and then the rest popped up. I hit enter and there you have my opener. Wow. That saved me 1.8 seconds that I can be wisely spent waiting for my internet to load. I both […]

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Do you listen to the Old Wife?

April 2nd, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages STOP! Give yourself a round of applause. If you are sitting down, give yourself a standing ovation. If you are standing, sit down then proceed to do what is outlined in the last sentence. We need to take this time to celebrate the wonderful choice you […]

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