Stingy Seeds

March 26th, 2009

Hello all you fantastic people out there who have made the correct decision to join me on another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog.


Now here is the part I rant and rave about how good this amazing blog is but I figure that you have read it before, or you are reading it now so you know it is the best thing since sliced bread sliced again into triangles for your lunch box. Now if you have enjoyed your triangles sandwiches please let someone else know that these sandwiches are available for free at


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Today’s episode is called


Stingy Seeds


Now today’s topic is dedicated to all of the single people out there but it is directed to the single males. Why? Because there is a problem out there that these guys need to stand up and fix. There are so many amazing single women who are ready for a partner but there are none to be found. This needs to change.


Does that mean that this Blog is only for those are ready to start dating but haven’t found someone? Well no. In fact this episode is directed at all single males if they are ready or not to date. So if you are not male or you are but also married keep reading on and then you can pass on this wisdom generic for zantac and pretend it is your own. I am cool with that!


So what do I mean by Stingy Seeds?


Well let’s have a look at life of a young man who is at the stage in life where he is open to the idea of finding a partner. Let’s face it, he is looking. He tries to hang out socially as much as he can and he’s always in survey mode. If he meets a nice young woman, very early in the conversation he gets into pre-qualification question much like a Banking Lender would: “How much do you earn? Do you own a house? What are your currently liabilities?” But for our guy the questions are “What are your interests?” “What movies do you like?” and the deal breaker “Do you have a partner?”


After spending some time the guy then turns into an analyst. This is where things get funny. This young man knows a few women that he likes so then comes the comparing. My goodness this is hilarious to watch as he over analyses every woman in his life from old friends to someone he just met. I have a friend who created an excel program where he could enter in scores about certain qualities and it would give him a score and a graph comparing all his options.


Now this is what I call stingy seeds!


Listen to me you awesome single men. You have a job to do. Your job is very simple but few seem to be able to do it. Your job is to make every single woman in your life feel special. Everyone! Not the one just that scored a five on personality and not the one that got 3 on fashion sense. Everyone!!!


On Valentine’s Day I sent an SMS to my single mates letting them know they have a responsibility to let the single woman they know that they are special. Not to take them out on a date but to simply let them know that they are precious. So a txt message, a DM on Twitter, a Facebook comment, a phone call with a simple compliment. There is no ulterior motive, just a need to let them know that someone cares.


The way you treat single women as a single man is a seed. Do you think a farmer goes to a field with a bunch of seed and says “I will put one here, that looks good, I like this bit here so I will put one here, this spot has heaps of potential so I will put a few here.” That is crazy! That farmer scatters seed on everything he can and so should you. When my mate said to me “I can’t send an SMS to this girl, she is awesome but not really a possibility” I hit him upside the head and told him that he is stingy with his seeds and it is not about being a possibility but about being a friend.


So you single men the challenge is out there. You may not end up with anyone that is in your world right now, but who knows there may be someone else reading this blog who knows the person you end up with, and they are going to let her know that she is special, amazing and there is someone trying to find her. That’s you.


Good luck and have fun.



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12 Responses to “Stingy Seeds”

  1. Adelle Says:

    DAN THANK YOU!! You have hit the nail on the head!I am a single christian 25 yr old female and can’t believe how christian guys seem to have so much trouble with just being friends with girls with no strings attached. I also have some nonchristian male friends and and it is sad that they can treat women so much better than my christian male friends. Most married people I talk to say that they were friends before they got married and I also agree that this is totally the best way to find a mate for life. BE FRIENDS FIRST!!! Send those txts, DM on twitter or comments on Facebook just to stay in touch see how they are going. I also think from a girls perspective that we need to not jump to conclusions and plan our wedding just becuase a friend has asked us out for coffee or a movie. They may just want to see that movie too, and all there other friends have already seen it!! Who know and who cares! Have fun make more friends and when it feels right your life partner will stand out!

  2. Heather Says:

    I love this post!! Thanks for sharing — we need more men like you!

  3. Demz Says:

    amen brother… this feels like work where we have to call potential home loan customers – steve always said out of every 30 calls your bound to get one. lol so the point of this story is sow your seeds gentlemen, one is bound to sprout :)

    love your work dan the Godfather man =)

  4. Graham Says:

    This is an awesome Thursday Blog. Make on think of the days. You go Dan. Keep up to good blog, you blogger.
    Have fun.

  5. wilson Says:

    Another good on, honest and awesome blog. Just sound’s like all the lenders are having issues to meet new friends, haha… unforturnately, I am a lender, how sad it is! …this world is getting more complex, we need man like you to turn this situation over…well done man

  6. Vasan Serca Says:

    another great post…a seed will prosper

  7. hannah Says:

    Love you Dan. You are a legend. Keep those pearls coming. (Can you talk to the guys down here too :)

  8. Jesse Calarco Says:

    i feel like i have taken this approach… tell me if im wrong? definitely no worry or no rush about being single though :)

  9. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Yes Jesse. You do take this appoach and you are doing your job.
    This is not about getting paid (ie getting a girlfriend) but doing what is right.
    I love my wife and I treat her well not for the benifits (and there are benifits becasue she is so wonderful) but because it is the right thing to do.

    You are the man Jesse

  10. Josh Lange Says:

    Great post. Love the humor and the insight. Brilliant

  11. Post you may find interesting « Josh Lange Says:

    [...] The Thursday Blog: Great post by Funny Man Dan (FMD) called Stingy Seeds.  With great insight and humor FMD reminds every single young man of their job.  Their job is to make every single woman in their life feel special.  [...]

  12. Shummy Says:

    Very true, Dan, very true

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