Random Sugar

March 19th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages, Welcome once again to The Thursday Blog. This is a haven for millions (I cannot confirm or deny that…Actually I know the stats, I can deny it) of people from around the world (that part is true) who come to seek wisdom, solace and a flipping great read. The Thursday Blog is really your mid-week guide to life.


Today’s episode is going to be fun. A lot of people find this Blog very interesting for a number of reasons, with top of the list being genre. Is it motivational? is it comical? is it topical? is it about-a-guy-named-Al? Well the answer for those Douglas Adams fans is 42, and for everyone else the answer is Life. Seeing life is hard to classify so is this blog and you will never know what you will get. So enjoy the journey because I certainly do.


But today’s episode is just plain fun…the topic is called:


Random Sugar


The word random is very close to me. Not because it is the name of Arthur Dents daughter (hats off to the Douglas Adams fans again) but because it is the word that gave me freedom. I was a shy child…….


For the sake of time we will speed it up


….while growing up…..


…..then in my teenage years……


……when I realised I wasn’t wearing pants ……….


……..I bet you are wondering about the pants story……..


……….that how I came to become the fantastic guy I am today.


So the point is, to tackle my shyness that plagued me my whole life I used the tool of Random. Now seeing as shyness doesn’t affect me I use  Random as a treat to make life fun and have as another thing I celebrate (see last weeks blog “Dusty Candles”). I developed a list of Random things to make life sweet, and to make you laugh at yourself. This is my Random Sugar.


So here is my top ten list to get you started. Most of these are originals but some others made up and I just loved:


  1. When collecting your money from an ATM, yell in a loud voice “NO WAY!!! I WON! THIS IS THE 3RD TIME THIS WEEK”
  2. When at McDonalds and you are asked “Can I help you”, start bawling your eyes out and say “NO!!!, NO ONE CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!!”
  3. Go to a café and walk up to the counter and order really quickly a “skim soy vanilla choc caramel latte” then go sit down quickly. When they come and ask for you to repeat that order something completely different and look innocent.
  4. Stand hidden in the middle of a clothes rack and as people are sorting through, stick your head out and say “Pick me, pick me”.
  5. When you walk into an elevator with someone already in there, don’t turn around, just face them and as the doors close say “You are probably wondering why I called this meeting”.
  6. If you find a garbage truck, go ahead of it, a sit on a trash can/bin that it has to pick up and start reading a newspaper. When the truck pulls up say “I will be done in a minute”.
  7. On your friends computer, if they have any version of Microsoft Word, type in =rand(99,100)  then press enter. Up will come over a 100 pages of the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. It is true. Give it a try. When they ask how just say “It’s something my friend “Billy Gates” told me”.
  8. Go up to teenagers and promise to give them generic for vytorin $50 if they can lick their elbows. Don’t worry, you won’t ever lose. It’s impossible.
  9. At night, dress in black and go to a dark part of a street that has a lot of traffic. Take out a flash camera and flash the cars as they go past. There is nothing like the smell of burnt rubber as they slam on the brakes.
  10. Every time you touch a camera take a photo of yourself. I did this on a World Vision trip to Cambodia with everyone’s camera incl\uding the official World Vision camera. It is a great feeling that someone someday is showing someone else some photos and the words “Ahhh Dan” gets yelled. Even better for bonus points “who the heck is that guy”?


This is a small list to get you thinking. There are so many things in this crazy world that can get you down and the challenge is to find just as many things to make you laugh.


The world is your playground, so why don’t you have a play.




P.S Did you know that 75% of people after reading number 8 they will actually try and lick their elbows. Now you are laughing at yourself!

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8 Responses to “Random Sugar”

  1. wilson Says:

    cool boddy, that’s funny…

  2. demy Says:

    LOL your a funny man Dan Lee-Archer. The elevator one cracked me up.. im gonna try it one day, not sure if i could hold a straight face though! id like to see you try one of these with a customer at work hehehe

  3. James Says:

    That word trick is amazing! I’ll have to show your an excel trick in return now…

  4. Vasan Serca Says:

    Great list…Finished my Thursday with great laughs Thanks

  5. Lorelay Says:

    Yeah sweet,
    i love that one with the camera, i’ll try it,
    actyally i’ll try it number
    it cool

  6. Giusepe Says:

    That’s hilarious! I love #1 and the elevator one! It’s funny because Catrina actually used the elevator one in one of our classes, i’m not sure if you copied from her, or she copied from you or you are strangely alike (which is very possible…)

  7. Cha Says:

    That was cool. I tried the =rand(99,100) and got something completely different over 283 pages, but that was still a great trick. Enjoying your blog…thanks…a breath of fresh air!

  8. sarah joy Says:

    i think i remember telling you i can do #8… truly!!
    maybe one day i will post a vid on youtube.. hahahaha…
    so actually… do i get $50 from you? ahaha.

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