Dusty Candles

March 12th, 2009

Hello there!!!


How are you???


I hope you didn’t answer that out loud because you are talking to a computer and even in this day and age of modern technology you would still look silly.


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages welcome once again to a very exciting episode of The Thursday Blog. For all of those out there who tuned in last week, thank you. It wasn’t a normal episode but it was an important story I needed to get out there. I have been getting heaps of emails, and twitter messages of support and congratulations. If you missed last week, in the words of Shirley Temple “Last week is just a click away” (she means scroll down and click on it)


Well we have a very exciting episode planned for you today. We are discussing a topic that is very dear to me and is guaranteed to help you at least once in the next 420 hours. That is why they call the Thursday Blog “Your mid week guide to life”


Today’s topic is:

Dusty Candles


When was the last time your body shook in excitement for something that was about to happen?


Well that is an easy question. All you have to do is think back to the last big event in your life and see if you were excited. If you were not excited then today’s lesson will make sure that you appreciate the things in your life and be happier. Blog done!




That is a valid topic for any old run of the mill blog but this is The Thursday Blog! This is your mid week guide to life!! This is the place where I overuse the exclamation mark!!!!!! This isn’t some generic lesson that gets blurted out onto cyber space as it may be useful for some guy you know. That is not how we roll!


Ok we have established that you aren’t a grumpy old man and you appreciate the events in your life. So your answer would be: you got married, you went on your dream trip overseas, you got a promotion, you bought a house, you started reading the The Thursday Blog.


These are all great, now I want you to increase it to your last 5 times you were bursting with joy.


Well that takes some time but you can still answer it: You got a pet, you got a new job, you found a new hobby, your 21st/25th/30th/50th birthday, you reconciled your differences with a family member, you saw U2 live, you started a business.


Now think about the last thing on your list. How long ago was it?


If the answer is a few years ago then you are like most people and you have Dusty Candles!


Why is it that we are encouraged to only celebrate the major things in our lives and everything else is border line insignificant? Why is it that we only take photos of holidays and tourist attractions but never of real life? Why do we only get to blow the dust off our candles once a year?


On average a person will have 60-100 big things happen to them in their life time, which shows to importance of enjoying the little things.


I encourage you, get out your candles and celebrate the small things like: a quick traffic-free car ride to work, playing a video game, having your bus come on time, or actually enjoying eating some candy. The list is endless, and so is the fun. Celebrating these won’t take away from our big events but it means we can find the joy in the mundane and that is a life skill that has great value.

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So have your cake and eat it too, otherwise what is the point of having a cake!!!




P.S I know you loved this episode of The Thursday Blog. I want to hear your examples of fun things you celebrate. Please take a moment to leave a comment.


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14 Responses to “Dusty Candles”

  1. Tina S Says:

    In that case, my most recent exciting thing is that I got to work at a reasonable time this morning and exclaimed “YES!!!” quietly.

  2. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    That is awesome. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. demyana meawad Says:

    I just got a manicure… it was nice ;)

  4. Sarah Gia Says:

    ohhh, I absolutely LOVE getting drive through parks, you know the ones in a car park where there is a space and also the space backing it is free so you get to drive through which means you don’t have to reverse out when you leave…I get so excited!!!

    I also recall a certain someone getting VERY excited whenever the time on a digital clock said the all same numbers…and what about when we used to buy those 20 cent potato cakes? hehehe

  5. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    You the coolest person bearsy!!!

    I still can’t believe how much food we could get for $2

    10 potato cakes. I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Kat Smart Says:

    Oh my goodness I love this!! My last big exciting thing was I got to combine shopping and maths: makes maths fun for a change :p… Actually it’s more than that I’ve finally seen the light when it comes to algebra. Great idea with the whole Thursday episode blog, thing…. OOOOH AND I also read Thursday Blog for the first time today! Squee… God bless all oxox

  7. Heather Says:

    I led singers’ practice for our chidlren’s church worship team cos the Boss was away — and it was strangely exhilarating!

  8. jess reid Says:

    i get extremely excited bout the new smith tomatoe sauce chips! Yummy!

  9. sarah joy Says:

    my senior pastors are back in town and we were introduced to their new bubba today! so exciting… he’s the cutest little thing on the planet right now.

    also, got home today and watched the Asian Food Channel and it made me so excited *grin* i love food!!

  10. Megan Butel Says:

    Every morning I do a little happy dance when the kids are out the door and I have the house all to myself. I might be a terrible mother – but at least I’m a happy terrible mother!

  11. J.C. Says:

    So I really enjoy moments where I get to read quietly and uninterrupted. I love every dinner that I get to eat with my wife and I love sleeping in on Fridays!!!

    Great blog once again…

  12. Billy Goat Gruff Says:

    Loved reading your blog today FMD!

    How easy it is to let the candles get dusty!

    I’d like to think my candles are the now-illegal type that never blow out!
    I carry a camera with me all the time so I can take a snapshot of all things random, memorable and sometimes seen as momentarily ‘plain’.

    My candles are burning brightly this week celebrating the fact that I have an awesome job in Kids ministry, creativity to dream BIG, passion to pursue my dreams and a moment with my Dad last night who has dementia where he actually remembered who I was!
    Another cause for celebration!

  13. Dan lee-Archer Says:


    That is amazing. You really don’t have any dust on your candles.

    Thanks for your comment, I am celebrating with you.


  14. Lorelay Says:

    Well the last exiting thing i did
    was to create my twitter acconud,
    it was so nice, yeahhh!!!

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