How to Defeat the Questioners

February 26th, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to this very prestigious occasion. The Thursday Blog is back online and today is the first Thursday. Here is where you will receive a story, a teaching; some would even go as far to say an answer to your questions that you never had the courage to ask, let alone even knew what they were. That is why The Thursday Blog is widely known as “Your mid week guide to Life”


So what are we talking about today?


Today’s topic is a fun one and I believe it is going to help a lot of people deal with a problem that we face everyday of our lives. Today’s topic is called:


“How to Defeat the Questioners”


No matter who you are, or what stage of life you are at, you are never safe from the attack of the questioners. These are people whose sole purpose is to question you about your next, 2nd 3rd 4th and even 86th step in life. You will first come across the questioners when you turn 15. They are usually friends of your parents and they like to bring in to every conversation the questions:

“where are you going to study?”

“what are you going to study?”

“what will be your achievable career salary?”


You are young and naïve so you laugh it off, be polite and then duck away as soon as you can. You thought these people only existed in this setting, but you were wrong.


You grow up a bit and now you’re over 18. You are studying or have started your career and you meet the questioners again. But that is ok you think, because you have got your career along the way so the questioners won’t have anything to feed on. Once again you are wrong.


The questioners feed on the area in life that you are least advanced in and for the majority of you that would be about getting a partner.

“Have you met any nice guys lately?”

“Are there any potential women at work?”

“You do like woman don’t you?”


The worst part is that the questioners have grown their party like a pyramid selling scheme and they have signed up other members. By this time they most likely have got your parents. If your parents are strong, unfortunately it is just a matter of time. Don’t believe me, then stay single till you are thirty and see them slowly sell out to the questioners.


The cruel part of the questioners is that they do not move on with their topic unless you do. If you don’t start a career they will keep asking you the same questions until you do. You may have already answered them the same way 77 times but like a brother they may sin against you once more. The cruellest part is when you move on they do too with out even acknowledging that you have changed.


I was single up until I was 20. I moved on but so did the questioners “When are you getting engaged?” I was engaged when I was 24. “So when are you getting married” I was married 4 months later. “So when is she getting pregnant” She was pregnant a year later “So when are you buying a house”……




So I have finally worked out a plan to defeat this organisation and it is very simple to do. When you meet a questioner and they start doing there thing, answer every single question quickly, precisely and with no explanation. Your answer has to be slightly bizarre but sounds like it makes sense even though it is confusing. This is to throw them off guard and after a while they will eventually go away and focus on someone weaker in the pack. So you need a direct answer for every situation that you are in so you can deliver it confidently.


Here are a few to get you started!


Question: When are you getting a partner?

generic for ultram class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;”>Answer:   When the economic crisis is over!


Question: When are you getting a real job?

Answer:   As soon as my rash clears up!


Question: What don’t you go out with that guy?

Answer:   He is not Mexican!


Question: When are you having a baby?

Answer:   In 7 months!


If you stare down the face of a questioner and everything they throw at you, you smash back with a one line answer that seems to makes sense, then you will be well on your way to immunity.


The only time this isn’t effective is at home where sooner or later you have to answer your parent’s question of what you are doing in your life.


Well that is it for this week’s edition of The Thursday Blog. Please take the time to leave a comment with your thoughts or even success stories of how you defeated a questioner.


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32 Responses to “How to Defeat the Questioners”

  1. Pastor Jeff Smith Says:

    First comment on your first new thursday blog. I am proud to say that I was one of those myspace fans and so glad you are back to blogging. I missed you man.

    This is a great blog and I am going to have real fun trying this one out.

    Hope you are well.

    Ps Jeff

  2. Andy Hopz Says:

    Nice blogging…so what do you plan to do after thethursdayblog?

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ha. I plan to wait to next thursday!

  4. Yuana Says:

    it’s funny

  5. David Wakerley Says:

    Look at you all 21st century and stuff… someone pretty cool must have helped you set this up!

  6. Kathryn MacDowall Says:

    WOW Dan.. you’re so cool. I can’t wait until next thursday!

  7. Hannah Says:

    Dan it’s everything you said it’d be and more!
    Great advice from a learned man. I’m looking forward to the next one! haha

  8. Adriana Says:


    Excellente Amigo..
    Is this happend to you? keep up with the good reading i really enjoying the reading..
    Bankwest club

  9. Kim Ho Says:

    Godfather…. I Love Iiiiiit!

    Free food for thought… you’re doing everyone a great favour.

  10. Jasmine Says:

    Wow…i’m married to the funniest and coolest guy in the world :)

  11. Walter Cronkite Says:

    Well, in my distinguished (and, apparently finished) career, I have covered many, many world changing events. The return of the Thursday blog must surely rate amongst these. There is a feeling journalists get, whenupon these events are taking place, that lets us know that Yes. This is a defining moment. The time that I received news about the blog, I got that feeling.
    But what is a world changing event? I remember the Kennedy Assasination. Watergate. The Apollo Moon Landing. Vietnam. The Cuban missile crisis. These are the events that rub shoulders with what we witness today. These events however, in light of a post-thursday blog era, are mere foreshadowings. The events that HAD to take place, for us to enjoy the new, revitalised Thursday blog, with all its global-spanning rammifications and flow-on effects.

    I for one, will remember this day as the first day of the future. This blog is not just one man’s lengthy ramblings about a world gone mad. It is a window, into the soul and physche of the modern state of play. It is not just another of the faceless mass, trying vainly to prop his head above the morass of humanity and have his thin reedy voice heard; It is One Man of Millions, asking the questions that none of us have the courage, or desire, or even the free time, to ask of the world. He is Dan (Rather) Lee-Archer. Man of the people, Man of the Earth.

    And, thats the way it is.

  12. Demz Says:

    Gosh this actually made me cringe.. i hate those questioners. Damn them people! Unfortunately theres no such thing as defeating the them when your born an egyptian girl… they break you from the moment your born not aged 15!!!

  13. Victor Says:

    Sweet post Dan.

    Will tune in next week!

  14. Samuel Says:

    what a read.
    cant wait till next week.

  15. Freddie Says:

    mate, that is excellent, it cracks me up. keep going with this, i will keep spying on your page and reading your blogs.

  16. James Says:

    Thank you for the invitation to read your blog, and the profound advice.

    I look forward to not answering questions all the more.

  17. hannah Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Good to see you back, I’ve added your blog to my list, not you can check mine out too. It’s a bit eclectic,…like me! Keep in touch.


  18. Shummy Says:

    Nice stuff Dan, cool idea

  19. Jesse Calarco Says:

    dude that’s smart and amusing. I live with questioners so its pretty relatable. btw congrads on being a dad! takes the godfather to a whole new level! much love…


  20. Luke (Jo-Jo's Brother) Says:

    I like this nice generic template ur using hahaha, sup bro? havnt heard from you in aggeesss we gotta chil some time =D

  21. Matt L-A Says:

    Great Blog zoo.

    Catch you next week.

  22. Flamingo Says:

    Hey mate,

    You left out the:

    “Who do you have your home loan questionare”?

    I like your work. Keep it up.


  23. Prop Boy Says:

    hahaha. Nice one Funny Man. Fortunately my English skills have improved so I could read this one. Nice and witty as per usual. Prop Boy does wonder though… does it matter what the questioners think? Surely they’re just bored and want some goss – Do they really care? And if you are secure about your own ‘life’ decisions then do YOU really care what these people think or ask? Do all these questions make Prop Boy a Questioner? Is that a bad thing? I love Thursdays and tomato chicken rice!

  24. Sarah Gia Says:

    Nice work lil brutha.. Hi from Melbs, love to Jasie

  25. wilson Says:

    cool man…quite deep, quite good, I hate questioner just like i hate be questioned, but nothing is easy in this world, the true world, again… damn questioner…

  26. Police Search Says:


  27. Steve G Says:

    Congratulations guys, so pumped for you both. The world will be a much better place with little Lee-Archer’s running around.

    Btw, Kellesi guesses correctly you were expecting after reading this blog… in retrospect I guess it is obvious

  28. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Hey Mate.

    You have misunderstood that part in my blog. You need to read this weeks one called “My son” for the full story.

    Thanks for the love though.


  29. Aydenn Says:


    Well the amount of time that i have known you your knowledge and wisdom has never ceased to amaze me. I think as your young student I underestimated the lessons I would learn from you. Love the info you have here and will be reading on in the future.

    Much love


  30. spronky Says:

    Dan LEEEEEEEEEEEE! lez skype this weekend bro!

  31. J.C. Says:

    Hey man love the blog. Awesome stuff. You and Dave reek of fun and innovative ideas. Keep up the great posts.

  32. Dave Says:

    This is great.

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